Cannabis Deliveries are beginning to take place!

     Now that 8 states and Washington D.C. have legalized the use of Cannabis for either medical or recreational use, new demands are starting to arise within the industry.  It's no secret that many medical Cannabis users suffer from various severe conditions that may limit their mobility, making it hard for some to find relief. However times are changing and a few states wanted to bridge that gap! 

     1. Washington. The House Bill 1712 was introduced by Representative David Sawyer (D) which “creates a marijuana delivery endorsement to a marijuana retailer’s license that authorizes the holder to deliver marijuana products to a person who is at least twenty-one years old at a private residence, hotel, motel, boarding house, resort, hostel, trailer camp, or similar lodging business.” This bill gained approval on Feb. 16 of this year.

2. Oregon. The rule made last year has recently taken effect and allows the state to deliver Cannabis from retail outlets permitted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). There will be specifics to be followed, such as delivery hours, delivery method, and distance traveling. But thanks to the OLCC, at least 117 delivery permits have already been granted!

3. Colorado. Senate Bill 192 has not quite made it through. However if passed, Cannabis dispensaries would be allowed to deliver to residential areas, as long as approved by the state. Delivery to public places, such as dorms or hotels would not be allowed. The bill is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Business, Labor and Technology committee on March 1.


     Although many American citizens still face hardships when attempting to obtain Cannabis even as a medicine, it's nice to see that some states are already taking the initiative to bring Cannabis directly to the consumer. These new bills shed some hope for those still struggling with the current laws in their state!

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