CBD Cocktails: How Does CBD and Alcohol Mix?

With summer almost in full swing, many adults are headed to their back porches, pools, and outdoor spaces for a nice cold drink with their family and friends! The newest trend in drink making the past few summers is that of CBD infused cocktails; recipes range from long time favorites like margaritas to homemade recipes made in the family’s kitchen. But what are the effects of CBD mixed with alcohol on the body and are there any potential benefits?

Just like alcohol, CBD affects everyone differently and when mixed together will create a unique effect for each person! Just like other aspects of CBD, there is not as much research regarding its effects when mixed with alcohol; but a study from 1979 shows the start of that research. This study, published in the journal Psychopharmacology, followed 10 volunteers who were given one of the three following combinations; alcohol on its own, a placebo capsule with orange juice, a CBD capsule with orange juice or a CBD capsule with alcohol. It was found that those who took the CBD capsule with alcohol showed lower blood alcohol volume than those who had drank just alcohol. Though those participants B.A. (blood alcohol) was lower, the CBD did not show to have an effect on the impairment of the participants.

Additional studies done in 2013 and 2014 on animals, specifically rats, showed that when given either a gel form or injection of CBD there was less oxidative stress on the liver from alcohol consumption. This means that administering CBD before giving the subjects alcohol helped the liver to process the alcohol by inhibiting that oxidative stress. However, this study has not been done on human subjects and therefore cannot necessarily be attributed to how human interactions would happen.

So what can CBD do for those who partake in alcohol consumption? A study done in 2011 for the British Journal of Pharmacology hoped to understand how CBD can help with specific symptoms such as nausea and vomiting whether it be from alcohol consumption or side effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy. The trial done on ferrets and shrews (two animals in the rodent family) showed that ingestion of CBD helped with food aversion. There is more research that needs to be done on how it will affect humans though, as the evidence currently being shown is anecdotal from individual perspectives experiencing these symptoms.

Overall, the effects of alcohol and CBD on one another are relatively unknown and need to be researched more thoroughly with human subjects in order to better understand that interaction. As with anything, personal research is important and if you are looking to try a CBD cocktail find a brand that you trust!

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