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All of us here at Discover CBD have often heard the phrase, "I don't like the flavor of CBD oil," and we totally get that. The bitter, earthy flavor is not welcomed by many. But, there are ways to mask that flavor. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to take CBD and help ease those taste buds. 

Discover CBD's brand is Active CBD Oil. We produce a tincture that is 100% water soluble which makes adding CBD to your favorite beverages simple & easy. We currently manufacture these water soluble, broad spectrum tinctures in 120 mg, 300 mg & 900 mg strengths. Active CBD Oil offers vanilla, berry, cinnamon and unflavored tinctures, however some customers may not prefer to taste the product at all. In those instances, most customers will typically put a dose in their coffee, orange juice, or any other liquid that they enjoy. This ensures that they get their personal dosage in a way that's more comfortable to them. 


Still not into it? Gummies and other edibles are also a great way to mask the flavor of CBD. Active CBD gummies are made with CBD isolate powder, which doesn't have the same earthiness associated with CBD oil. Isolate powder is oil soluble so it's easy to mix in and use while cooking. We have many blogs with different recipes to help you mask the flavor from simple chocolate bars to tacos and guacamole. Although isolate is great, many customers prefer a full spectrum product, like our oils or tinctures. Full spectrum simply means that it's going to have other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, all of these cannabinoids sort of work together to create an entourage effect. This means they tend to work better together, rather than apart. 



Vaping CBD has become one of the more popular ways of consumption. It's familiar for those who already smoke or vape and it's a very convenient, discreet and portable way to take your CBD on the go. However, smoking and vaping also wears off much faster than other methods of consumption. 




    The Active CBD Capsules are another amazing way to get CBD in your system without the planty, earthy taste. They have 25mg of CBD per capsule and come in a 30 or 60 count. They're great because they don't have a flavor - just swallow it down with some water and you'll absorb the CBD within 45 minutes!

    There are so many ways one could mask the flavor of CBD, the best way to find out the best way for you, is to look at our blogs and see the creative ways we've come up with. You're also free to experiment for yourself and if you think something could work, but you're unsure, you can always contact us online, email, or phone. We would love to hear from you, our email address is info@discovercbd.com and our phone number is 719-358-7553. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or CBD in general. 

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