Conservation a key component for Colorado's economy

Discover CBD takes pride in being based in Colorado. It is a unique state with a special way of life. Coloradans take pride in all of the special places that we can explore and many of us work to keep our state beautiful. That is why Discover CBD is part of the Green Business Leaders with Conservation Colorado.

Protecting and preserving Colorado is a priority for the organization and their reach extends beyond mobilizing volunteers to the political realm. The group works with individual communities to ensure protection for the natural wonders that make Colorado special while also working to elect leaders that are pro-conservation and holding them accountable.

Tourism is a large portion of our state’s economy, with more than 80 million visitors a year. Colorado’s Tourism Office announced in August that travelers set an all-time spending record in 2018—with $22.3 billion spent in trips and vacations to our state. There is an activity for nearly every interest and season in Colorado and most of them center around the outdoors.  

Conservation Colorado has a history going back more than 50 years of collaborating on key environmental issues, working collectively at the State Capitol, and developing strategic partnerships. Discover CBD offers employees incentives to participate in voluntary activities, such as cleanups, to encourage acting on an issue that affects everyone in the community.

Colorado’s Tourism Office found in their 2018 research that travelers across the nation choose Colorado as the top-ranked destination for protecting and preserving its natural resources. In a survey conducted by Strategic Marketing & Research Insights to more than 2,500 U.S. travelers Colorado was selected for the top spot by 76 percent.

“Colorado’s rivers, forests, mountains, and plains are part of why so many people love our great state,” said Governor Jared Polis in a news release. “That’s why we continue to emphasize protecting our special wild places, ensuring Coloradans and visitors alike can enjoy them long into the future. With the full backing of tourism and outdoor recreation leaders across Colorado, we have been putting a collective stake in the ground to protect our assets, and others are paying attention.”

In a news release the tourism office notes their aggressive campaign to educate visitors about how they can also protect and preserve the natural splendor through simple actions, liking staying on trails to prevent erosion issues and packing out trash.

“The leadership position that our state’s tourism industry has been carving out to promote responsible travel not only protects what makes our state such an extraordinary destination, it’s shaping up as an important competitive advantage,” said CTO Director Cathy Ritter.

CTO research on how Coloradans view their strategy is positive as well. Many residents are aware and highly approve the department’s efforts to educate travelers about reducing their impact on natural resources.

“More and more travelers—especially Millennials and GenXer’s – are reporting that a destination’s sustainability practices are important in their choice of where to vacation,” she said, “Not only do we want to attract the kinds of travelers who care about our environment, now we have proof that Colorado is the best place for those travelers to find what they are looking for."

There are several ways that anyone can get involved with Conservation Colorado. The group hosts events including Save the Ales and Rebel With a Cause Gala which encourage educating the public about how our economy is tied directly to the condition of our environment. The non-profit group relies on donations to continue its mission. For more on Conservation Colorado click here.

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