Discovering CBD Through Vaping: A Personal Experience

        It's been about a month since I bought my vape pen and CBD e-juice and I've learned a lot about how to maximize my benefits, as well as how to best take care of the pen itself. I wanted to share what I've learned because I'm sure there are many others like me who have zero experience with vaping but are interested in the potential benefits it offers.

        I'd like to start with the fact that, like all CBD products, everyone will see slightly different results based on dosage and how your body interacts with CBD. So anything I say about how I feel after using CBD is specific to my experience and may be different for you. Now on to the meat and potatoes...

EVOD pen with ceramic top & Levi's Watermelon 550mg(Left), Banana Split 150mg(Right)

        Most people I talk to who are interested in vaping CBD are looking for relief from anxiety, and I was no exception. While my anxiety is not as severe as in some cases I've heard, it does impact my daily life negatively. After seeing multiple customers find success with reducing anxiety using our vape products, I became interested to see if it would help me out as well. I started off with buying the EVOD battery with a ceramic liquid tank and using the Banana Split 150mg e-juice. After filling up my tank and getting everything up and running, I almost instantly noticed the effects. Within 60 seconds of taking a few hits from my new vape pen I began to feel my anxiety drain away. I would not go so far as to say that the feeling went away completely, but after using the pen for a little while, I can confidently say that it's brought my anxiety issues to an easily manageable level. By the time I was about half way through my bottle of e-juice, I noticed that I had to take a good number of hits (about 5-6) in order to get the effects I was looking for. I decided to get the higher concentration, Watermelon 550mg e-juice instead so I wouldn't need to take as many hits at once. This worked like a charm! Since the new juice was more concentrated, I only had to hit it once or twice instead of 5-6 times. This is what I'm still using and I haven't had to up my dose since the switch! 

        Over the course of my time with the pen, I've made a few mistakes and learned a few lessons I thought I would share that pertain to taking good care of the product itself. The first thing I learned was to keep the tank from getting too low. The first fill up I did lasted quite a while, but my mistake came when I tried to get ALL the juice out before refilling. The pen works by using your breath to pull the liquid through a heating element, vaporizing the juice and sending the vapor through the mouthpiece. By trying to hit a (basically) empty pen, I was burning out the heating element much faster than regular use would, since there was almost no liquid going through. After I did this, the taste of the vapor turned to a burnt flavor because the heating element had overheated and burned itself out. I ended up purchasing another ceramic top to get rid of the burnt taste, but if you learn from my mistake and keep your tank from going almost empty, you won't need to buy a replacement for much longer! The other lesson I learned was more generally related to vaping, so vape pros will already know about this. But hey, this article is for us newbies, not them! I purchased an e-liquid from a local vape shop to try out a different flavor with the intention of using our CBD vape additive to infuse CBD into it. Unfortunately, this 3rd party juice was way too thick to even pass through the pen system. When I brought this issue to the shop's attention, they told me that I was not the first person to say that the specific product I bought was too thick to flow through a pen. Luckily I hadn't bought the additive yet so I didn't waste any money other than on the 3rd party e-juice. Apparently, some companies make e-liquids that are too thick for a lot of pens out there, so just be careful if you go that route!

        After about a month of use, I'm still loving my EVOD vape pen and the e-juices we offer. The pen itself has held up very nicely and I generally only need to charge the battery once every 3-4 days. I'm very excited to try our newest vape product (available as of the posting of this article), a 275mg CBD Distillate Cartridge which will be the highest concentration vaping product we currently offer! I hope this has been helpful to you and that you find as much success as I have using our vape products!

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