Hemp oil vs. CBD oil

With thousands of CBD brands currently on the market, it can be difficult to discern which products are of good quality and worth your money. Now that you can find CBD products at the gas station and in convenience stores, how do you know you are getting what you are paying for? What's really confusing is that some of these products are labeled hemp oil while others are labeled as CBD oil. How do you know the difference between the two? Even though, CBD oil and Hemp Oil have many differences, they are often marketed as the same thing, and should not be sold at the same price.

Hemp oil is made from the seed of the hemp plant. The hemp seeds contain protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and a mix of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp Seed oil may contain a tiny amount of CBD, but it is so insignificant that it is considered virtually non-existent in the product. Many brands are jumping at the chance to sell cannabis infused products but mixing up the terms hemp seed oil and CBD oil. How do hemp oil vs. CBD oil effects differ?  Hemp seed oil is commonly used for cooking and is an ingredient found in many beauty products. While CBD oil is used for a myriad of ailments including; pain, stress, and sleeping issues.

The CBD molecule is extracted from the stalks, leaves and flowers from the hemp plant which will contain a higher concentration of CBD. After CBD is isolated from the rest of the plant it will be in a crystalline or powder form that then can be added to a carrier oil like hemp seed oil. Generally CBD oil is more expensive compared to hemp oil because it is extracted through a more expensive method such as supercritical CO2 extraction like we use for all of our products because it is one of the most effective methods for a higher quality final product. With the lack of regulations by the FDA Companies aren't required to list the mg concentration of CBD in the product, but it's accepted as common practice. So if it is not listed on the product, you should wonder what's in it. If you're looking for the benefits of CBD, make sure you are purchasing a product that clearly states that it contains CBD.

At Discover CBD we believe in educating every customer on not only the potential benefits of CBD but also the different types of CBD and products so our customers know exactly what they are looking for! We send out every batch of all of our Active CBD oil products for third party lab testing for all of our Active Brand CBD oil products to show exactly how much CBD it contains as well as any other components from the hemp plant. 


If you stop in to any of our retail stores, call us or chat with us at info@discovercbd.com, we would be happy to assist you in discovering what may be the right CBD product for you! 


The main difference is the part of the hemp from which I get the oil. Hemp oil is obtained from hemp seeds and is high in omega fatty acids. And CBD oil is obtained from the flowers and leaves of hemp, and at the same time contains more phytochemicals and cannabinoids, including THC.
What is better hemp oil vs CBD oil is up to you and depends on your needs. While CBD oil has more medicinal properties, hemp oil is more beneficial for digestion, supporting healthy looking hair, skin, and nails. So choose only for you according to your needs.
The advantage of hemp oil is the high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which take part in the structure of cells and contribute to the health of hair, nails and skin. But it has less medical properties compared to CBD oil.
Hemp oil is best used together with food, adding it to dishes. CBD oil, in addition to being taken orally, can also be applied to the skin, topically on the problem area, or for facial care. But if desired, it can also be added to food or drinks.
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