How to Read And Understand a Tincture Label

So you’ve decided to try CBD. Awesome! Now you just need to find the right product for you. There are thousands of products and brands out there, and due to being an unregulated market, the labels are often confusing or misleading. This is a quick guide on how to read and understand the labels on CBD products.

First and foremost, the best advice we can give on this subject is to make sure that whatever product you purchase has been tested by a third-party laboratory to verify the claims made on the label. You can become an expert at reading the terms they use, but unfortunately there are still many companies out there that intentionally mislabel their products. For example, some companies will claim to have no THC in their products, but will not actually test them to verify that claim. This could be dangerous for people who need to pass drug tests and are mistakenly led to believe that they are not consuming THC. This is why we at Discover CBD send every single batch of every single product for analysis by a third-party lab, and post all of those lab results on our website. This transparency is important to us because we want you to know exactly what you are getting when you purchase our products.

We’ll start with tinctures, colloquially known as "drops", which are generally the most common CBD products that you’ll find. Tincture labels should include (at the bare minimum) all 3 of the following pieces of information:

Mg content

1. CBD content, measured in milligrams (mg)
      • This will be a number (usually in the hundreds or thousands), with “mg” next to it. This number is the total amount of CBD in the bottle,  NOT the amount of CBD in each dose. Some, like our water soluble broad-spectrum tinctures, have a diagram of the dropper on the back of the label to show you how much CBD is in each dropper.


    2. The volume of the bottle
      • This is measured in ounces (oz), milliliters (mL), or both. This number is important because it can be used in conjunction with the CBD content to determine the concentration, or strength, of the product. For example, two different tinctures could both list “1000mg” on the label, but if one has a smaller volume than the other, it will be more concentrated and therefore “stronger.”


        3. A list of ingredients or additives
          • Just like any other product you put in your body, you want to know exactly what's in it. If you saw a food item at the grocery store with no list of ingredients, you would probably be a little hesitant to eat that mystery "food", because anything could be in it. The same logic applies to CBD products. 

        If a product does not have all 3 of these on the label, be wary of it and seriously consider walking away and looking at a different brand. This means that either the company is not willing to disclose that information, or that they do not actually know that information. Either of these should be huge red flags. The quality of the label is also a good indicator of whether or not a brand is trustworthy. If a label looks like it was typed out on a laptop and printed on cheap sticker paper from a home-printer, it would be wise to question the credibility of that brand.

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        If there is no information on the product label, be careful and seriously consider choosing a different brand. This means that either the company is unwilling to disclose this information, or it does not actually know this information. Any of these should be a serious warning sign.
        Sure! The CBD content is the total amount of CBD in the bottle. So, if you have a 1000mg tincture, that means there is 1000mg of CBD in the entire bottle. If you are looking for a high-strength product, our water soluble broad-spectrum tinctures have a concentration of 25mg/mL.
        The number of drops you should use will vary depending on the concentration of the product. For our water soluble broad-spectrum tinctures, we recommend using 1 full dropper per dose. For other tinctures, please refer to the dosage recommendations on the tincture label or consult with your doctor.
        If you're unsure whether or not a CBD tincture is the right fit for you, we recommend consulting with your doctor. He will be able to provide personalized advice based on your specific needs and medical history. You can also find more information on our website or tincture bottle labels.
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