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CBD Homemade Dog Treats

By Jordyn Swanstrom June 19, 2020 0 comments

As the old saying goes “a dog is a man's best friend” and that couldn’t be any more true. So, why wouldn’t we do everything we possibly can to make them as happy and comfortable as they can be? Since CBD is making such a splash in today's society people are getting more creative with ways of consumption including making treats for our furry little friends. There are tons of recipes that you can play around with, and I’m going to share the top two recipes I made for my dog!

Pumpkin Oat Bites


  1. Start by preheating your oven to 325 F. Next, in a large bowl, whisk together 2 ½ cups of oats, 1 cup pure pureed pumpkin, ½ cup xylitol free, organic peanut butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted, 1 cup sodium-free, organic beef broth, and last but not least a pet-friendly CBD tincture. I prefer to use Active 120 mg Bacon tincture. (If the mixture turns out to be too wet, add another ½ cup of oats.) 
  2. The normal size to measure the batter out in is one tablespoon per cookie on a silicone-lined baking sheet. If you want a softer cookie leave them in for 20-30 minutes. For a more crispy cookie, you’ll leave them in for 40-60 minutes

After you're done baking them, and let your little fur baby try one out, you can put them in a container and place them in the fridge. Any cookies that won’t be consumed within the week can be put away in the freezer.


 Hemp-Infused Birthday Carrot Cake       


This one is a huge hit for my favorite 4-legged friend.

  1. Start by preheating your oven to 350 F. Next, mix together 2 eggs, ¼ cup of cannabidiol oil, 1/3 applesauce, 1/3 cup peanut butter, 1 cup grated carrots, and 2 tablespoons honey.
  2. After those are all mixed together, fold in 1 cup whole wheat flour, and 1 and ½ teaspoon baking powder until it's all perfectly mixed together. 
  3. Pour the ingredients into two separate cake pans, and cook for 30-35 minutes. 
  4. Once baked, place one cake on top of the other with peanut butter in the middle to hold them together. 

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