Should I use THC with CBD?

With CBD gaining so much popularity, everyone is forgetting about THC. What do these words mean? THC and CBD? Which one gets you high and which one is federally legal? Let's look at both molecules as well as the other cannabinoids that make up the hemp and marijuana plants.

So why do you want to use hemp plants vs. marijuana plants? The THC content. Hemp and Marijuana are both genetically the same. This means they produce the same molecules and the same benefits. The main differences will be the amount of THC they both produce. For example, marijuana will always have its own levels of THC, anywhere from 12% up to 29%, with low levels of CBD. Hemp will still produce the same THC molecules but will do so in much smaller concentration. Hemp plants generally contain 0.3% or less of THC content. We actually go a step further and remove any trace amounts of THC that may be present. This makes us a little costly, but worth it. So it is a lot easier using hemp plants as they yield such low levels of THC while still getting all the beneficial cannabinoids present.

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Now let's discuss the differences between THC and CBD. Most people who are looking for medical benefits and relief will typically want CBD. This is due to the fact that CBD has been hailed as the "Miracle Drug". There has been numerous studies and articles stating how people are finding the many benefits of CBD. One such study

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