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CBD News — alternative energy

Benefits of eating Fruits and Veggies (...and CBD!)

Posted by Ryan Mandaville on

“Eat your Vegetables or you won’t get any dessert!” So many studies are being done showing the benefits of CBD with many different ailments. We have many customers depending on CBD for relief, but is there anything you can do to ensure you get healthy and stay healthy? I know you have probably heard this speech since you were little, but seriously, there is so many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and veggies have been shown to be a great source of carbohydrates which can aid in disease prevention. They also aid in lowering blood pressure, reducing risk...

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Hemp as Fuel

Posted by Austin Angeleri on

Over the last decade, the talk of green energy and sustainable fuel has been the target and platform for many political conversations, yet has seen very little progress or growth. However, with the newly revitalized interest with hemp in recent years, we might finally see a viable and more sustainable option for fuel. Hemp can be used to produce two types of fuel, “Bioethanol and biodiesel, [which] is environmentally friendlier to produce than sugar beet, palm oil, corn or any of the crops mentioned in the report and can grow in practically any temperate to hot climate leaving the ground...

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