CBD and PTSD: Is there a connection?

CBD and PTSD: Is there a connection?

Active CBD oilNate Hemmert
Updated 2/23/2018 New Studies   There is this concept that the only people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are combat veteran...
Will Cannabidiol Help Me Focus?: CBD and ADHD

Will Cannabidiol Help Me Focus?: CBD and ADHD

Attention deficit disorder and cannabidiolSeth B
If you've ever had trouble concentrating as a child or an adult, you know how frustrating it is to have someone tell you, “Just buckle down and fin...
Learning and Cannabidiol

Learning and Cannabidiol

antioxidantSeth B
Everyone's familiar with the stereotype that too much marijuana will make you giggly and forgetful. The truth, of course, is far more complex than ...
Theobroma Cacao, CBD, cannabinoids

Facts and Myths Concerning Non-cannabis Cannabinoids

2-AGChris Howard
Fact: it is a myth that the same cannabinoids present in cannabis naturally occur in human breast milk or cacao, despite false claims made by some print and online publications. It’s a great headline, but it isn’t true. Let’s go deeper into the facts.

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