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CBD News — cbd and smoking

Facts and Myths Concerning Non-cannabis Cannabinoids

Posted by Chris Howard on

Fact: it is a myth that the same cannabinoids present in cannabis naturally occur in human breast milk or cacao, despite false claims made by some print and online publications. It’s a great headline, but it isn’t true. Let’s go deeper into the facts.

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Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Posted by Susan Hatfield on

For anyone who is a smoker and has struggled with trying to quit, there may be a new answer on the horizon. While many former smokers have turned to vaping in an effort to help them quit traditional combustible analog cigarettes, some of those are interested in quitting nicotine altogether. And many are finding relief from an unexpected source: CBD. So how does CBD help smokers quit? A study published in 2013 gave 12 smokers a CBD inhaler and 12 smokers a placebo inhaler. The placebo group displayed no difference in the amount of cigarettes they smoked. By contrast, the...

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