"A Tablespoon of Honey a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!"

"A Tablespoon of Honey a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!"

1 tablespoon of honeyLucas Bankston
As if its ability to sweeten foods naturally and make almost anything taste good wasn't enough, it also boasts a broad range of health benefits. It may show promise in fighting cancer, it can take the edge off an early morning hangover, it has tons of antioxidants, it helps wounds to expedite healing, and much more. Michelle Obama even kept a honey beehive in the White House garden; check it out below. As a CBD company, we felt that the only thing better than honey would be CBD infused honey. And here, our story begins.
Managing Menstrual Pain with CBD

Managing Menstrual Pain with CBD

Active CBD oilStar Barnes
Period pain can be a lot to handle. It's no fun to miss out on life while in bed in pain, and thankfully I've found CBD may help. I use many CBD products to manage my period pain, and have found relief.
CBD Infused Spring Vinaigrettes!

CBD Infused Spring Vinaigrettes!

1000mgErin Christie

With Summer rapidly approaching, this Spring is the perfect time to dress up your favorite salads and meats with light and flavorful dressings! These Vinaigrette recipes will have your taste buds screaming for Spring time and might even be the aid you are looking for to dress up those healthy greens and get that summer body you've been working so hard to achieve!  

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