"A Tablespoon of Honey a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!"

Honey, honey, honey! We never stop to appreciate the sweet, natural elixir that we call honey. As if its ability to sweeten foods naturally and make almost anything taste good wasn't enough, it also boasts a broad range of health benefits. It may show promise in fighting cancer, it can take the edge off an early morning hangover, it has tons of antioxidants, it helps wounds to expedite healing, and much more. Michelle Obama even kept a honey beehive in the White House garden; check it out below. As a CBD company, we felt that the only thing better than honey would be CBD infused honey. And here, our story begins.

Apiarist tending to the beehive near the White House front lawn.

When we began searching for a CBD infused honey, we had a few priorities in mind. Natural, raw, unfiltered honey was one. Raw honey has been minimally heated to preserve the beneficial aspects. That the infused CBD be CO2-extracted was another. CO2 extraction is the same process we use for all of our products as it produces the highest quality extract possible while being easiest on the environment. Local Colorado hemp was another must. Not only is it easier to maintain freshness and quality with a locally sourced product, but hemp that has bathed in the abundant Colorado sunshine inevitably produces better results. Lastly, we wanted a producer who could maintain all of those points and still come out with a high-quality "nectar of the gods". 

Our questions were answered when we came across Apis Mercantile Full-Spectrum CBD Honey. These guys know how to live. They not only harvest their own raw honey, but they also source their own hemp. At 1 tablespoon of honey and 10 mg of CBD per stick, these little tubes may as well be in every purse, glove compartment, drawer, or pocket that you can find! Just a simple bite on one end of the tube and the flood gates open, inundating your palate and taste buds with the glorious goo that is honey. From there, as with any sublingual CBD product, your body will utilize the CBD via palate absorption and intestinal absorption. The fact that they are made with BPA free plastic is an added bonus, as is the floral notes the hemp oil adds to the honey. Stop into any of our stores and try some today! 

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