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CBD News — cbd vape oil

Should you vape CBD?

Posted by Sydney Parrish on

While CBD is gaining popularity, many people find themselves wondering "How should I use CBD?" There are several methods of consumption - and the options can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for a new user. We know that sublingual application (under the tongue) is the most efficient method due to all of the blood vessels living under our tongues, but do we know the pros and cons to vaporizing CBD?  Vaporizing is simply heating the product at a low & gentle temperature, generating a cloud of vapor. This method allows you to achieve small, regular doses of CBD in a discreet...

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Does Cannabidiol Help With Neuropathy?

Posted by Seth B on

Chronic pain is a problem for more than 50 million people in the United States. Cannabidiol (CBD) is sometimes used by people for chronic pain, and we have discussed CBD's potential for people with certain types of pain, like migraines and chronic inflammation in other articles. The majority of people with chronic pain have a discrete physical cause for it, such as inflammation, malignancies, or swelling joints, according to the National Institutes of Health. But what about those of us who have pain that occurs without any apparent cause? Could CBD provide a way to help people who have neuropathy?...

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1100 mah EVOD Vape pen

Posted by Heidi Turpen on

Vaping, a new and exciting alternative to smoking. From the very beginning vaping has been used to quit tobacco, and also just for fun and enjoyment! My review team was so excited to have the opportunity to test out this brand new EVOD vape pen from Experience/Use:10/10 This new EVOD vape pen comes in 4 colors; Blue, Green, White and Black. Included with the pen is a USB charger cord Right out of the package reviewers noted, the silky smooth finish that just begs to be held. With only one button the pen is extremely easy to use; push...

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