Should you vape CBD?

While CBD is gaining popularity, many people find themselves wondering "How should I use CBD?" There are several methods of consumption - and the options can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for a new user. We know that sublingual application (under the tongue) is the most efficient method due to all of the blood vessels living under our tongues, but do we know the pros and cons to vaporizing CBD

Vaporizing is simply heating the product at a low & gentle temperature, generating a cloud of vapor. This method allows you to achieve small, regular doses of CBD in a discreet manner. Since vaping is one of the quickest methods of consumption, it's an attractive option to most CBD users. Many customers with conditions like anxiety or migraines prefer to vaporize for the quick relief they claim it provides. 

While vaping is a fast-acting method of consumption, it's important to keep in mind that it's difficult to achieve higher doses or long-lasting effects. Due to this, many customers with chronic or serious conditions are not able to rely on vaping CBD solely. Vaporizing CBD does not allow the cannabinoid to stay in your system very long, so many customers that do vape CBD are vaping consistently throughout the entire day. Most customers with chronic conditions will prefer to use a sublingual product for maximum absorption and efficiency. 

In a nut shell, vaporizing CBD is a favorable method of consumption for many consumers. While we have select customers that prefer to vaporize, it's important to acknowledge other products and other methods of consumption. Patience is key when finding the perfect product for you and your condition(s) and finding the right routine for you takes playing around with.

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