Green Garden Gold CBD oil dog treats review at

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Today we will be reviewing the Green Garden Gold CBD Dog Treats.You can purchase these dog treats at for $34.95.  Since we already ...
CBD for pets

CBD for pets

cannabidiol for dogsRachelle Gordon
You’ve probably heard a lot about the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis. Nearly half of the country already has some form of legalized marij...
CBD For Pets, What Does the Research Say?

CBD For Pets, What Does the Research Say?

#activecbdoilMadison Marcy

At Discover CBD, we love our pets just like they are family; from dogs, cats to everything in between! But what can CBD do for our pets? What are the possible benefits of continuous use of CBD for them?

cbd isolate

CBD Isolate: Need Help Determining How to Use CBD Isolate? How to measure CBD isolate?

Active CBD oilCorey Hartley

A Math Tutorial For Making Your Own CBD Infused Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles, Vape Solutions, and High-Potency Cannabinoid Oils

Determining CBD Concentration Depending on Amount of Oil Used When Adding 1 Gram of 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate

CBD Infused Dog Treats

CBD Infused Dog Treats

cannabidiol for dogsMelinda Bloch
Here is another great way to utilize 99% CBD Isolate. This recipe only uses 1/8th of a gram of 99% CBD isolate per batch. But even if you don’t hav...

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