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A Math Tutorial For Making Your Own CBD-Infused Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles, Vape Solutions, and High-Potency Cannabinoid Oils

As if the terminology in the cannabis industry wasn’t confusing enough, you also have to deal with a bit of math — if you want to craft your own products, that is. However, understanding the math behind CBD doses is crucial in terms of finding your perfect amount, as well. When you take the time to determine how much oil is best for you, you’re able to get your perfect dose every time, whether you’re making the product or simply measuring it out.

If math isn’t for you, don’t worry too much. Discover CBD is here to break these numbers down entirely, showing you how simple it can be to find your ideal CBD oil dose. Along with this, we’re also going to focus a bit on CBD isolate powder, its benefits, and even how to use CBD isolate yourself. Ready to get started?

Determining CBD Concentration Depending On Amount of Oil Used When Adding 1 Gram of 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate




If this is your first time making CBD isolate infusions, check out our basic recipes here: CBD Isolate Tincture recipe  and CBD Isolate Topical recipe.

The interest has been increasingly growing with CBD isolate options, which are marketed by many companies as a dietary supplement because of their relaxing, anti-inflammatory properties. For example, someone who has never heard about CBD may come across CBD products while searching for items to help with insomnia or anxiety. But, how does one measure CBD isolate? In fact, what even is CBD isolate, and how do you use it?

CBD, CBD Isolate, and How to Use It

Cannabidiol, or CBD extracts, is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. The most well-known application of CBD is to treat seizures and other medical conditions. In addition, CBD may also be used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation caused by an injury or illness.

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical in the cannabis plant. Researchers have been looking into CBD for its health benefits. For example, researchers have found that CBD may help reduce pain and inflammation from an illness or injury. In addition, people use full spectrum CBD products to improve sleep. They state that CBD products help them relax and reduce anxiety.

CBD is sold in many forms, including CBD oil, which you can apply to your skin or drop under the tongue. Whereas THC stimulates neurons in the brain to release dopamine (which results in a high), CBD does not stimulate neurons but instead reduces or blocks other receptors from doing so. For this reason, many people use CBD isolate powder as a dietary supplement to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

CBD is sold as a dietary supplement and can be used for a variety of reasons.

Because of its relaxing, anti-inflammatory properties, many people use CBD isolate powder to reduce pain and inflammation. In addition, because it does not stimulate neurons in the brain, research has found that CBD may help reduce anxiety.

What is CBD Isolate Powder?

Right now, there are a lot of CBD products on the market. From CBD oils to CBD topicals, edibles, softgels, and more, it can be hard to keep up. One of the best, newer products on the market is CBD isolate, and this is something that DiscoverCBD knows well.

CBD isolate powder is one of the purest forms of CBD you can find. These products are composed of crystalline powder that is typically 99% CBD. Through a rigorous, strict extraction and purification process, manufacturers are able to isolate the CBD cannabinoid while destroying all other phytocannabinoids and CBD compound. Thus, you’re left with a pure, powder substance that’s incredibly versatile and easy to use.

When you first open up your CBD isolate powder, you shouldn’t expect to smell much. Unlike your typical flower or even concentrate, CBD isolate doesn’t have any distinct smells or tastes. This is due to the extraction process we discussed above: it destroys terpenes and flavonoids along with minor cannabinoids and THC. This is the only way to get a pure CBD substance, after all. Some brands may choose to flavor their isolates with natural ingredients, but this isn’t the best practice for quality’s sake.

The Benefits of Pure CBD

A lot of people enjoy CBD isolate for its complete lack of THC. In the event that your job drug tests or you simply want to stray from THC, then a product like this one is best for your overall peace of mind. When consuming, you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting high or feeling anxious from THC. Instead, you can fully embrace the pure effects of CBD!

We’ll talk more about dosing in detail later, but a huge benefit of CBD isolate is how easy it is to find your perfect dose. The product itself isn’t difficult to handle and it doesn’t require any fancy technology to consume. Because of this, practically any CBD consumer of all ages or experience levels can safely and effortlessly enjoy CBD isolate powder.

It may go without saying, but consuming a pure CBD substance is a great way to fully reap the benefits that CBD can bring you. Of course, every person is different and will find unique results; however, with CBD isolate powder, you’ll truly see what kind of support that the cannabinoid can bring you. And, if you find that it doesn’t bring the support you needed, you can always try a broad or full-spectrum product, instead.

How to Use CBD Isolate Powder

As we hinted at, this form of CBD is incredibly versatile. You have the choice of enjoying CBD isolate powders sublingually, orally, topically, or even through inhalation.

Sublingual consumption means that you’ll create your own CBD oils tincture and place a few drops of CBD isolate powder oil under your tongue. You’ll want to hold it there for about 30 seconds before swallowing to get the full results. Quicker than digestion but not as quick as inhalation, sublingual consumption is a good way to get a fast, potent dose of CBD into your system.

In terms of oral consumption, you can easily add CBD isolate powder directly into your foods to enhance your everyday recipes. This way, you can barely even tell you’re consuming CBD! Instead, you can eat a delicious treat that’ll have you feeling better just a few hours later. Do keep in mind that when you infuse CBD isolate into an edible, the effects will take a while to kick in. You’ll likely have to wait around one to two hours before the CBD fully takes effect, so be patient and don’t consume CBD isolate sublingually more until you’re sure your previous dose has hit.

You may also be able to find CBD powder that you can heat up in a rig and dab. Though you cannot dab all CBD powder, some manufacturers may change this crystalline substance into a crystal slab, instead. Do not attempt to do this yourself. Leave it up to the professionals!

What to Know When Buying CBD Isolate Powder

When buying a product with CBD isolate powder, look at how many milligrams of CBD are in the serving. For example, a product may state that it contains 150 milligrams of CBD powder. That means that one serving has 150 milligrams of CBD isolate powder. You can also find out how much CBD is in a product if you are unsure. For example, a product may state that it has 100 milligrams of CBD. That means that one serving contains 100 milligrams of CBD.

CBD is sold in many forms, including CBD oil and powder. A common amount of CBD found in these products is 300 milligrams. With CBD isolate powder, you can measure the amount of CBD in a serving. However, with other products that contain CBD (such as gummies or oils), it may be difficult to determine how much CBD is in each serving; therefore, these items are usually measured based on weight, not volume.

You always want to keep these things in mind before purchasing your CBD isolate powder. Otherwise, you may not realize how much CBD isolate you’re actually buying or consuming.

How to Measure CBD Isolate

Measuring the amount of CBD in a product is important for safety and proper dosage. You should not consume more than 600mg or 600 milligrams (whichever is first) of CBD daily, simply for health concerns. However, if you are more experienced with CBD consumption, your average dosage may be higher than others.

If you need help measuring your dose, you can refer to our helpful guides. Or, you can select one of our preloaded kit options below where we provide the isolate and the bottles (just add MCT oil available at any grocery store or Amazon). Your options are:


Includes: 1 gram of CBD isolate and 5 empty bottles and droppers


Includes 5 grams of CBD isolate and 10 empty bottles and droppers


If this all looks complicated, just find a final concentration that works for you below, and use the starting amount listed with 1 gram of isolate.

CBD Measurements By Product

In these calculations, I will be demonstrating the math needed to determine how much oil to use to dissolve your CBD isolate from DiscoverCBD. First, I must convert a larger measuring unit, such as cups of oil, into a smaller unit of measurement, such as teaspoons or milliliters, using the conversion factors below. Then, the total amount of CBD, which for these calculations is 990 mg CBD per gram of isolate minimum (based on 99% purity), is divided into the total number of units used to measure the serving size (which is the answer from the first calculation converting the units).

To create homemade CBD concentrates easier, here are some quick conversion factors to pay attention to:

  • 1 cup = 8 ounces

  • 1 ounce = 2 tablespoons

  • 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons

  • 1 teaspoon = 4.93 milliliters

  • 1 ounce = 29.57 milliliters

CBD Topicals Measurements 

CBD Topical concentration measured in milligrams per teaspoon when using this much oil:


  • 2 cups: 2 cups x 8 oz x 2 tbsp x 3 tsp = 96 teaspoons = 990 mg/ 96 tsp = 10.31 mg per tsp

  • 1 cup: 1 x 8 x 2 x 3 = 48 teaspoons = 990 mg/48 tsp = 20.62 mg/tsp

  • ½ cup: ½ x 8 x 2 x 3 = 24 tsp = 990 mg/24 tsp = 41.25 mg/tsp

CBD Vape Measurements

CBD Tincture and E-juice concentration measured in milligrams per milliliters when using this much liquid:

***CBD vape solutions should NOT be made using any oil due to the risk of Lipid Pneumonia. Mix CBD isolate 50/50 with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is commonly used instead. Ethylene glycol is different than propylene glycol and is not safe to use.***


  • 1 cup: 1 cup x 8 ounces x 29.57 milliliters = 236.56 mL = 990 mg/236.56 ml = 4.18 mg/ml

  • ½ cup: ½ x 8 x 29.57 = 118.28 ml, 990 mg/118.28 ml = 8.37 mg/ml

  • ¼ cup (2 ounces): ¼ x 8 x 29.57 = 59.14 ml, 990 mg/59.14 ml = 16.74 mg/ml

  • 1 ounce: 1 x 29.57 = 29.57 ml, 990 mg/29.57 ml = 33.48 mg/ml

  • 1/2 ounce: 0.5 x 29.57 = 14.79 ml, 990 mg/14.79 ml = 66.96 mg/ml

CBD Oil Measurements

High-Potency CBD Oil concentration measured in milligrams per milliliter when starting with this much oil:

  • 1 Tablespoon: 1 tbsp x 3 tsp x 4.93 ml = 14.79 ml = 990 mg/14.79 ml = 66.94 mg/ml

  • 2 Teaspoons: 2 tsp x 4.93 ml = 9.86 ml = 990 mg/ 9.86 mg = 100.41 mg/ml

  • 1 Teaspoon: 1 tsp = 4.93 ml = 990 mg/4.93 ml = 200.81 mg/ml


CBD Edibles Measurements

Edibles: Determining the concentration for edibles is somewhat of a more complicated process because you need to work backward taking into consideration how many edibles you want, how much oil the recipe calls for, and how strong you want each of the edibles.

First, you would need to find a recipe for the edible you want, preferably one that calls for an oil, because it greatly simplifies the process and you will be able to follow the standard recipe after infusing your CBD into the oil.

I love chocolate, so I will be using our CBD brownie recipe as an example. In this example, I also use 1000 mg as the amount of CBD in the isolate for easy math, although the actual amount is closer to 990 mg.

This recipe makes 10 brownies and calls for ½ cup of oil. An average dose of CBD per day for me is about 20-40 mg, so I am going to make each of my brownies 20 mg. If I want to make 20 brownies at one time, I need to double the recipe. Therefore, it is ½ cup of oil doubled, meaning I need 1 cup of oil total.

If I am making 20 brownies at 20 mg per each brownie: 20 x 20 = 400 mg CBD total

Since I need 400 mg CBD total, and I need 1 cup of oil total, then I need 400 mg CBD per 1 cup of oil.

Working backward to determine how much oil to use for the desired concentration, with my 1000 mg of CBD in isolate form:

400 mg per cup, 1000 mg total CBD -> 1000/400 = 2.5 times the CBD needed for the 20 brownies, so I need to use 2.5 x 1 cup (for the concentration needed for 400 mg per cup), which totals 2.5 cups of oil.

Therefore, I need to infuse my 1000 mg of CBD into 2.5 cups of oil for a concentration of 400 mg per cup.

I will use the 1 cup of oil containing 400 mg CBD for the 20 brownies, and I will save the other 1.5 cups of CBD infused oil containing 600 mg CBD for later use.

With edibles, please always keep in mind what we mentioned earlier about the onset of effects. These brownies will not hit you immediately, and you’ll have to wait for your body to digest the substance before the cannabinoids can break down and get to work. Only consume your desired amount at first and wait an ample amount of time before determining whether or not you need more. DiscoverCBD would suggest waiting until next time to actually increase your dose; this way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally doubling up.

Practice Makes Perfect!

If math (or cooking) isn’t your thing, all of this might look a bit intimidating. But, don’t let it scare you! Understanding CBD isolate oil measurements just takes some trial and error to get it right. You may not get your ideal measurement the first time you try making your own products, but that’s just fine. Practice makes perfect after all, and you’ll eventually create the best product for you. Don’t be afraid to try a few times and be meticulous.

How to Find Your Perfect Dose

I have to stress that CBD dosing is tricky simply because we’re all different. Every person will have a unique perfect dose that gives them the effects they want and need. Thus, you cannot try basing your ideal dose on someone else’s! Your body chemistry is unique and it’s the biggest influence over how CBD functions in your system.

Always start with a somewhat low dose if you’ve never tried that certain CBD product before. Then, increase your dose slowly as you see fit. If your starting dose seems correct, then there’s no need for adjusting. However, over time, you may find the need to increase your dose; that’s perfectly normal. Just make sure this increase is gradual and small; otherwise, you may upset your stomach.

Buying CBD Isolate Powder With Discover CBD

Once you decide you want to try some CBD isolate powder for yourself, it’s time to turn to DiscoverCBD. Our selection of THC-free products is incredibly vast, and you can find something for just about anything. Most importantly, you’ll gain access to our collection of high-quality CBD isolate powder. These products all come from the most reputable, five-star companies to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

When you make an order, Discover CBD will make sure we ship your product out within just three to five business days. This way, you hardly have to wait to enjoy your pure, 99% CBD products. If you still have questions about how to use CBD isolate powder, or even how to measure CBD isolate, you can check out our previous blog posts for more. Here at Discover CBD, we have all the resources you need to fully embrace the world of cannabidiol and other helpful cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG! 




How to make CBD tincture?

Add 100ml of food grade ethanol to your small jar. Next, add in around 10-15ml of CBD rich hemp plant oil. Give the jar a quick shake and then leave it on one side for around 24 hours. After 24 hours, the ethanol in the jar will have turned a dark green color. Pour the contents of your jar through the coffee filter.

How much CBD oil to use when making a tincture?

The answer varies depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to make tinctures for vaping, ingesting, or adding to food all require different levels of CBD usage. If you buy a low dosage then you will likely only need 0.5ml per dose and if you buy a high dosage of 10,000 mg/ml then you will need 5 ml for each dose. This varies depending on the person and the desired outcome, but it's probably somewhere between 10mg and 20mg CBD per dose.

How much CBD oil to use when making a Vape Solutions?

The amount of CBD oil to use when making a vape solution will depend on the size of your CBD bottle and how much liquid you need.

Here is How Much CBD Oil You Need:

1-3 drops: For light to moderate smokers or those who don't need too much re-upping, 1–3 drops should be sufficient.

4-6 drops: If you are a heavy smoker or need more potent CBD Vape Solutions, 4–6 drops should work.

7+ Drops: If you are in the category of "extremely heavy smokers," 7+ drops will probably do the trick.

How to make CBD Edibles?

The best way to produce CBD isolate edibles is by creating your own extract and infusing it into a recipe that suits your taste and nutritional needs. There are multiple ways of extracting the CBD from the cannabis plant: you can use CO2, butane extractions (BHO) or alcohol extractions depending on personal preference.

If you prefer not to cook with cannabis at all, there is another option. You can use a vape pen filled with CBD that you can purchase from a dispensary near you. There are also CBD drinks and juices on the market that are made with pure CBD isolate. These products can be found in most dispensaries across the country.

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