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CBD News — E-Juice

Discover CBD National Pet Week Contest! ENDS 4/12 at 5 PM MST.

Posted by Don Ayala on

We are hosting a HUGE contest for National Pet Week! We will be giving out a pet treat & pet tincture combo for 1 lucky person 😁 **CHECK DETAILS FOR REQUIREMENTS**

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Levi's Watermelon 550 mg CBD E-Liquid Review

Posted by Andrew Contreras on

Are you thinking about using CBD? Are you thinking about using CBD in a vape? Well I’m here to help you out! I’ve been vaping for many years now and it’s been a huge help in my life & now I’m going to be trying out the Active brand CBD oil E-Juice! For me, I’m looking to CBD for a variety of reasons such as pain in my hands as well as for anxiety, stress and even sleep. I’ve tried a few other methods so I figured why not give CBD a go. Now there are a lot of products to choose from so...

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Correcting Misinformation Concerning the Bioavailability of Vaporized CBD

Posted by Corey Hartley on

A major problem in the cannabidiol industry is the spread of misinformation, whether intentionally to mislead and sell products or accidentally because there is a lack of standardized information and training. There seems to be some confusion among a few CBD suppliers and other informational sources regarding the bioavailability of vaporized cannabidiol. My goal is to correct these inaccuracies, as well as stress the importance of presenting accurate information about CBD.

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DIY E-Juice infused with CBD

Posted by Melinda Bloch on

Vaping is a discreet and easy way to use CBD. There are hundreds of E-liquid companies with a wide variety of flavors from the traditional Strawberry and Blueberry to the exotic like Captain Crunch Cereal and Unicorn Milk. Chances are if you are an avid about vaping, you have a particular flavor or brand that you consider the best. Now, you can take your favorite E-liquid to the next level with CBD! This do-it-yourself E-Liquid recipe uses isolate to infuse your favorite flavors. You can use either CBD isolate or CBG isolate or a unique combination of both.  You can...

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7 Ways to Use CBD Oil Pens

Posted by Leah Concialdi on

One of the most versatile methods of consuming CBD is through a hemp oil pen. They’re portable, able to fit highly concentrated doses, and it’s easy to gauge your doses and monitor how much is left in the pen. However, for those new to concentrates, it may be a little confusing to know exactly what to do with these pens and even seasoned users might not know exactly how functional they are. Here are 7 ways to use CBD oil pens. 1.) Oral ingestion If you need a quick burst of CBD that will hit your system quickly, you can...

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