Levi's Watermelon 550 mg CBD E-Liquid Review
Are you thinking about using CBD?
Are you thinking about using CBD in a vape?
Well I’m here to help you out!
I’ve been vaping for many years now and it’s been a huge help in my life & now I’m going to be trying out the Active brand CBD oil E-Juice!
For me, I’m looking to CBD for a variety of reasons such as pain in my hands as well as for anxiety, stress and even sleep. I’ve tried a few other methods so I figured why not give CBD a go.
Now there are a lot of products to choose from so for myself I decided to go with something I could vape. Vaping cbd is one of the fastest ways to introduce cbd into the system and since I already vape it seemed like a perfect match for me.

So for myself I like to have a smaller device that is easy to carry and use. If I’m not at work, I am out and about and sometimes don’t want to carry around a large mod, extra batteries or the bottle itself. Plus I want something small that can fit on the nightstand if I need it. I decided to use a pod based system for this review simply for their convenience and portability. Also the pod based devices don’t really use a lot of power and the battery can last into the next day.
For this review I will be using the Levi’s Watermelon which is a 550 mg Cbd E-Juice in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle.
One major reason I chose a pod based device was to help me keep track of how much cbd I would be using. With a little math I figured out that each 2 ml pod was roughly about 36 mg of cbd per pod. Cbd works on a bell curve, so you want to start low and increase your dosage as needed. Typically most adults will use anywhere from 7 mg to 21 mg a day. For me this kinda kills two birds with one stone.

The first day of use and everything goes off without a hitch. Easy to fill pod, the wicking was pretty quick and I had charged my mod so it was at 100% and ready to tackle the day.

Alarm goes off and I took a few draws and the smooth taste helps to get my day started. Right away I’m not feeling any different than I normally do so I continue my morning routine, get ready and head to work.

Throughout my day I noticed I took about 60 to 70 draws from my vape within my normal workday. Now that may seem like a lot but for me that’s a very low number. The first few draws didn’t really make me feel any different but then after a few more I started to notice a few things. I could feel my anxiety almost melt away, I even forgot about the pain in my hands. I was feeling more focused and I just had an all around better demeanor. The best part is that by the end of the day my pod was still a little more than half filled I continue to vape into the next day and I still feel that I am getting relief. So throughout the week I continue vaping when I feel that my anxiety needs to take a back seat and it does help quite a bit for me.

The e liquid itself has done great as far as what I intended its use for and it has done very well with the coil in the pod. Usually with most liquids and of course depending on use, a pod can last from a week to two weeks or longer. The quality of your e juice also plays a crucial role on coil longevity. With one week of use (around 60 to 70 draws daily for me) the coil is still going strong with almost no buildup.

For myself and many others cbd is helping ease our minds and making life in a new city a little easier to live. This e juice has been amazing and I recommend it highly. Great taste and quality. Heck, they even have 3rd party lab testing done and have it available so you know exactly what you are getting. Without question it’s now become my daily e juice.

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