CBD and Its Effect on Insomnia

CBD and Its Effect on Insomnia

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CBD and Its Effect on Insomnia Why Do We Sleep? Everyone has to sleep; many of us have a set in stone bedtime routine while others struggle to bot...
Does CBD induce sleep?

Does CBD induce sleep?

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Common thought is that ingestion of marijuana, or any of its chemical compounds including CBD, will help with sleep. Studies suggest that this may ...
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CBD for Better and Deeper Sleep

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When your sleep quality is not good, it affects all parts of your life, turning many people into grumpy zombies. Hemp-derived CBD has been a natural solution for many people to get better and deeper sleep. This is because of CBD’s relationship with the human endocannabinoid system, which governs your body’s ability to ‘balance’ itself and function optimally.  This includes managing a person’s ability to get good quality sleep.
CBD and Dreaming

CBD and Dreaming

Active CBD oilAustin Angeleri

Want to learn how CBD may impact your sleep cycles? 

The sleep cycle has several stages, but probably the most well-known stages are deep sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The brain is most active in REM sleep, which is when dreaming generally occurs. White REM sleep is important, compared to slow-wave sleep it usually doesn't receive much attention. 

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