Water Soluble CBD Drink Recipes

Before we dive into some fun CBD drink recipes, let’s break down what Water Soluble CBD is…

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD products are some of our most popular and effective products. Water soluble CBD hits the system faster and absorbs more of the CBD efficiently than a CBD Oil based product would. Water Soluble CBD is absorbed over 4x better and 3x faster than oil based CBD products. When you swallow an oil based CBD product, the process the body uses to absorb oils through the digestive tract is slow and less efficient. Check out our blog that explains Water Soluble CBD in more depth. 

What is the difference between Water Soluble CBD and Oil Based CBD?

Oil based CBD products have a lower bioavailability or percentage of CBD actually absorbed into our system than water based CBD products. The bioavailability with an oil based CBD products is roughly 10-20%. The bioavailability on the water soluble products is significantly higher, as the absorption factor is approximately 60-80%. Our water soluble products are made with vegetable glycerin, whereas our CBD oils are made with MCT oil (Medium Chain triglycerides, a highly refined coconut oil). Our Oil based CBD options have great results too, but when there is a higher bioavailability, it tends to prove better results for our customers. The great thing about our water soluble products is that they can be mixed into drinks or food. The rest of this blog will provide you with some CBD water soluble recipes you can make for drinks like tea, smoothies, flavored water, or even sparkling waters. 



What Can I Do with Water Soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD is one of the most versatile products that we offer. Because these products are water soluble and made with vegetable glycerin,  they can be easily mixed into drinks, foods, medicines, topicals, etc. Let’s check out some easy and simple recipes you can make with our Water Soluble products! 


Simple Drink Recipes:

Smoothies: (dairy and dairy-free; depending on preference)

Berry Bliss Broad Spectrum Tincture: Strawberry Banana Berry

Blend organic strawberries, or your favorite kind of berry, and bananas in your blender. Add your preference of yogurt, milk, coconut water, or lactose free milk, and ice. Once blended till smooth, add in your preference of water soluble CBD dosage (preferably the Berry Bliss Broad Spectrum tincture for the best flavor). Most customers use 10-30mg at one time. It is all about trial and error and seeing what dosage works best for you. Blend until smooth and enjoy the CBD relief.

Cinnamon Broad Spectrum: Apple Pear Cinnamon

Grab a couple of your favorite apples and pears from the grocery store, your preferred method of milk, yogurt, or any vegan/dairy free alternative, and some cinnamon and nutmeg. This is one of my favorite recipes. Cut and dice the apples and pears (one or two depending on how many servings you would like to make), add your dairy or dairy-free base and blend together until smooth. Then add the cinnamon and nutmeg to your taste. Now add in your water soluble CBD, like the Cinnamon or Vanilla flavored broad or spectrum tincture or even CBD isolate powder. Blend well and enjoy! 

Vanilla Bliss Broad Spectrum : Cherry Garcia

For a more unique dessert style of smoothie recipe, run to the store and grab some cherries (preferably without the pit; you can use frozen cherries too), some chocolate sauce or syrup, and some frozen yogurt. You can even use chocolate frozen yogurt instead of chocolate syrup. Many stores offer vegan frozen yogurts and ice creams. Add the cherries (without the pits), your choice of frozen yogurt or ice cream, and chocolate syrup to your preference, ice, and a dose or two of the Vanilla Bliss tincture. This is a great recipe for a night time dessert that may help you fall to sleep and stay asleep all night. Sweet dreams!

Unflavored Broad or Full Spectrum : Mango Pineapple Turmeric 

This smoothie recipe is targeted towards gut and brain health. All of these ingredients can help with digestion, nausea, stomach issues, and bowel movements. We have another blog that explains gut and brain health and how CBD can help regulate our neurological and digestive systems. I like to use either the Unflavored Broad Spectrum tincture or the Full Spectrum tincture, which contains trace amounts of THC (less that 0.3%). I personally find better results with the Full Spectrum, but for those that cannot  consume THC, the Unflavored Broad Spectrum tincture is another great option. You could even use the Cinnamon Broad Spectrum for an extra flavor kick! Get creative! 

Mangoes contain high amounts of myrcene, which is one of the most prominent terpenes in the hemp and cannabis plants. It helps activate and enhance the effects of CBD and THC. 

Grab some organic mangoes, a pineapple, and a few bananas, your choice of dairy or non-dairy  product; whether it be yogurt, milk, coconut water, etc. Turmeric powder is always a good thing to have in your spice cabinet, as it has incredible ways to help our digestive system and immune system. 

I personally like to use coconut milk or water with this recipe as it adds a tropical feeling, and I can’t lie, I am a beach girl! 

Start by blending the sliced and peeled mango, banana, diced pineapple, and personal choice of milk, coconut water, yogurt, etc. Add in some ice and blend well. Now add in about a tablespoon of Turmeric powder (or less depending on taste preference) and continue blending until smooth. Now is the time to add your CBD, whether it be Broad or Full Spectrum Water Soluble tinctures. Continue to blend and enjoy! 

Infused Waters / Manitou Springs Waters: 

Are you a Colorado local or visiting Colorado? Have you heard about Manitou Springs Natural Mineral Waters? Manitou Springs is the home of some of the first sodas to ever be produced, as Manitou has numerous natural sparkling springs that locals and Colorado natives come to fill up large jars of the natural water and then infuse their own creations.

The source of these famous mineral waters lies deep underground in a system of cavernous aquifers. As the ancient water erodes the surrounding limestone, carbonic acid is created, which gives the Manitou springs their effervescence. This natural carbonation forces the water back to the surface through cracks in the rocks, where it absorbs high concentrations of sodium bicarbonate (soda) and other minerals, including Lithium! 

I personally lived in Manitou Springs for over 6 years and would regularly infuse my own waters from the natural springs; so why not incorporate CBD into it? I would usually fill up a large mason jar with the natural spring waters (all 8 of the natural springs have a different taste and effervescence, so explore for your favorite taste) and add in sliced lemon and lime; sometimes strawberries from my strawberry plants in my garden, and then you can add a few doses of Water Soluble CBD, Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum, or any of our Isolate powders, and have a relaxing sparkling drink for the whole week! Plus, making a trip to Manitou is always fun, as long as you can find parking 🙂. Be sure to check out the Penny Arcade and Patsy’s while you’re there! 

Herbal Teas: 


Making CBD infused teas is one of the easiest and most versatile way to introduce CBD into your daily regime. You can easily use one of our flavored Broad Spectrum tinctures or our unflavored Full Spectrum tinctures to mix with your favorite kind of tea. Any of these teas can be brewed hot and fresh, or cooled for a cold refreshing iced tea. Here are some easy recipes.


Honey Chai Turmeric:

This specific blend of ingredients can help with digestive issues and help boost metabolism! Grab some Chai Tea (loose leaf or bagged), add to boiling water and steep for for at least 3 minutes, or longer depending on your preference of taste. Add in a few pinches of turmeric powder, and then add in a few drops of organic honey or agave nectar, and then either my Vanilla Dream or Cinnamon Broad Spectrum tinctures to add an extra kick in flavor and to also help my anxiety and nausea. 

Ginger Cinnamon Spice:

Ginger and cinnamon have incredible benefits on the immune and digestive system, and combining these with CBD may provide even more relief for certain ailments. There are many types of ginger teas you can find at your local market. Some have added flavor, so go with your gut! Add boiling water and steep for at least 3 minutes, or longer depending on your preference of taste. For this recipe I like to add in a little bit of milk, or almond milk, to make it more of a creamy dessert kind of tea. Now is the time to add in a dose of the Cinnamon Spice Broad Spectrum Tincture. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

Berry Bliss Peach:

If you're a fan of fruity teas, then this may be the perfect concoction for you to try! Try using any of your favorite fruity or floral flavored teas and adding in a dose of our Berry Bliss Broad Spectrum tincture! I personally like to use a peach flavored green tea, but you can chose any fruity flavored tea you prefer. Having a fruity tea infused with CBD in the morning is a great way to start the day! 


Get Creative! 

Don’t be hesitant to create your own unique recipes! There are endless possibilities of what you can make with our Water Soluble CBD products. Feel free to share your own unique recipes with us! We would love to share them with other customers, so we can all enjoy the benefits of Water Soluble CBD. What kind of unique creations can you make?




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