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In the world of CBD products, you’ve probably heard of water soluble CBD. So what is water soluble CBD? Is it just another marketing term, or does it hold validity in the ever expanding world of CBD? In this blog we will talk about the data gathered on water soluble CBD, the potential benefits, and products that could potentially benefit you in some capacity! 

What Exactly is Water Soluble? 

In the simplest terms, water soluble means capable of dissolving in water. When referring to the context of a CBD water soluble product, it is a specialized form of CBD that has been engineered to be easily dissolved in water, offering an advantage over traditional CBD oil formulas. Unlike conventional CBD oils, which are typically lipid based and not easily absorbed by the body, water soluble CBD is designed to mix seamlessly with water based substances.

This enhanced solubility allows for improved bioavailability, meaning that the body can absorb and utilize a higher percentage of the CBD present in the product. Users may experience faster onset of effects and potentially require smaller doses to achieve the same therapeutic benefits. The improved absorption can lead to more consistent and predictable effects, making it easier for users to manage their CBD intake and monitor their dosages according to individual needs.

How Do You Make CBD Water Soluble?

Creating water soluble CBD involves a process known as nanoencapsulation, which breaks down the CBD molecules into smaller, more easily dispersible particles. The first step typically involves using specialized equipment to create micro sized droplets of CBD oil. These droplets are further reduced to nanoscale through techniques like high-pressure homogenization or sonication.

The resulting nanoemulsion allows the CBD to disperse uniformly in water, enhancing its solubility. To stabilize the emulsion, surfactants or other emulsifying agents are often added during the manufacturing process. These agents help prevent the CBD particles from clumping together, ensuring a consistent and stable water soluble product. The nanoemulsion method significantly increases the surface area of the CBD particles, helping with quicker absorption and improved bioavailability when ingested.

What Kind Of Water Soluble Formula Do We Use? 

It wouldn't be uncommon to hear that many CBD companies use water soluble formulation based on lecithin and synthetic polymers. There are downsides to using these formulas such as allergy concerns. Lecithin is often derived from soy or egg yolks, and can cause allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to these ingredients. Synthetic polymers, while efficient, are not biodegradable. Improper disposal can lead to environmental pollution and long-term ecological issues. 

The formulation that our Active CBD oil uses combines both nanotechnology and encapsulation called colloids. Essentially, the CBD molecules are packaged inside a sort of bubble which consists of a fat-like interior with a water-like exterior. When done correctly, the CBD molecules don’t bind to one another and result in even dispersion throughout a water based mixture. These encapsulated CBD products are some of the best absorbing CBD formulations, especially when ingested.   


Individuals may choose water soluble CBD over traditional CBD oil for several reasons, one of those including bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to a substance or drug that is completely available to its intended biological destination. Unlike conventional CBD oils, water soluble CBD has improved solubility in water. This enhancement could make the CBD product you are taking more effective in the long run. If you were to take a 10 mg dropper of CBD that is water soluble and one that isn’t, you’d find that your body is able to absorb a higher percentage of the CBD compared to the non water soluble CBD. 


One of the big advantages of water soluble CBD lies in its versatility. This form of CBD can be incorporated into a wide range of products, including beverages, edibles, tinctures, and other liquid formulas. Water soluble CBD can be easily mixed into various drinks and recipes without affecting the taste or texture, making it a discreet and convenient option for those looking to integrate CBD into their daily routines.

Different Types Of Water Soluble Products 

If you are looking for a simple way to get a concentrated dose of water soluble full spectrum CBD, look no further than our Full Spectrum 300mg CBD tincture. This tincture comes in a 1 ounce bottle and is a great way to experience how efficient water soluble can be for absorption. We also carry a 900 mg Full Spectrum Water Soluble tincture, in case you wanted a bigger bottle.

Another water soluble product we carry here at Discover CBD is our CBD bath salts. These salts are infused with rose and calendula petals. This blend of essential oils, epsom salt, pink himalayan salt and 50mg of CBD is a great way to see how a water soluble CBD product can take your bath experience to a whole new level. There are tons of different categories of water soluble CBD products out there. If you ever want to delve deeper into them just visit our website at Discover CBD

What Does The Data Say About Water Soluble

When it comes to data that has been collected over time about water soluble, you would be hard pressed to find a ton of information. One of the more recent studies done by Colorado State University concluded that the water soluble version of a product manufactured by a CBD company was more readily absorbed into the body than a lipid soluble preparation.  

A more recent study in 2023 tested the efficiency of a low dose of CBD using 30 mg of lipid soluble and 30 mg of water soluble CBD. After participants were given their respective dose in increments, it was determined that the water soluble CBD brought more data and results in the experiment than the lipid soluble CBD alone. With this finding, we can conclude that water soluble CBD is potentially a more effective version of CBD. 

The Future Of CBD Products

With the proliferation of CBD products happening year after year, it’s important to note that CBD will change and adapt to the market landscape as new data and research is conducted, especially when pertaining to the CBD market. Making CBD products water soluble has been a massive game changer in the industry and has put a new standard to the quality of CBD products produced. Here at Discover CBD, we are immensely proud of the quality water soluble CBD products we manufacture. If you ever want to know more about water soluble CBD stop by one of our retail stores near you or you can chat with us over the phone at 719-358-7553, or online at our Discover CBD website.

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