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CBD For Cats! Making Life Easier For Your Feline Companion

Posted by Adam F on

In the immortal words of Charlie Day, “Does your cat make too much noise all the time? Stomping around, driving you crazy?” Well, we don’t sell Kitten Mittens, but we do have an equally essential product for any cat parent: Pet CBD!  Cats have endocannabinoid systems just like humans do, which means that they too can experience the amazing benefits of cannabidiol.  Whether they suffer from stress disorders, hyperactivity, adventure-related injuries, or joint pain from old age, CBD may be a wonderful addition to their daily diet. At Discover CBD we sell cat treats as well as pet tinctures that are safe for cats and other animals. 

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CBD-Infused Cocktail Recipe: Berry Berry Gin Fizz

Posted by Nick Snyder on

Ah, the dog days of summer. As the thermometer rises and the smell of barbeque wafts through the air, the mind can’t help but long for the ice cold refreshment of a summer cocktail. And while little could improve the tangy sweet sensation or thirst quenching glory of your favorite adult beverage, perhaps a splash of CBD just might.  Well, you’re in luck! Look no further than our water soluble broad spectrum berry flavored tincture. An ideal complement to nearly any cocktail. Yet, in the spirit of the bounty of summer, allow me to share a recipe for one of...

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Using CBD For Sleep

Posted by Adam F on

Even when life was normal, many of us suffered from sleep issues. Now, with all the added stress of current events, those issues have become more prevalent than ever before. If you are having trouble sleeping, you are not alone!  Almost every single day we get at least one customer looking for a product to help them sleep. There are a lot of options available from the Active CBD Oil line at Discover CBD, but a select few definitely stand out as the most popular products for nighttime use. Generally there are two categories of sleep issues that we hear about from our customers, which dictate what type of product they gravitate toward. 

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Celebrities and CBD

Posted by Jordyn Swanstrom on

When was the last time you tried something for the first time? This week? Last month? Last year? I ask this question because I know from my 23 years of  personal experience that expanding your comfort zoneability can be intimidating, and make you question, ‘is this really worth it?’. Sometimes, the only thing to bring you any type of security is knowing that other people have done it too. In today's society we tend to look to the entertainment industry; what are these actors, and musicians doing and can I do it too? They’re people just like you and I, but they’ve developed their public image around the idea that we as “regular people” have someone to look up to and help guide us on new paths. So, to answer the question ‘If they can do it, can we do it too?’ The answer is a definite YES.  

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What is the Difference Between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate?

Posted by Star Barnes on

Buying CBD oil for the first time can be confusing! One of the first things you should know when choosing a CBD product is the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. 

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