How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat

One of the most popular methods of consumption for CBD is ingestion or swallowing a CBD edible. CBD gummies are one of the most popular forms of edibles as they offer a convenient, easy and tasty way of getting CBD into your system. If you have ever considered the idea to purchase cbd gummies, then you may be asking yourself an important question: How many cbd gummies should I eat? With such a plethora of CBD products on the market and different information to sort through, we decided to write this blog as a dosage guide for consumers trying to determine the answer to how many CBD gummies should you take? Whether you are new to using CBD or already take cbd edibles and looking to learn more, we will dive into this answer in more depth and in a digestible way.

How many CBD gummies should I eat? 

Edibles as a method of consumption

Before we address appropriate cbd dosage, it is vital to understand what happens when you eat cbd gummies, and how our bodies absorb CBD gummies through ingestion and digestion. Ingestion is the process of putting the CBD gummy in your mouth, where it can then be physically broken down into smaller pieces after chewing. This triggers a nervous reflex that causes salivary glands to create saliva, a fluid made of ninety-nine percent water and the remaining one percent is made of cholesterol, uric acid, digestive enzymes, mucus-forming proteins, and electrolytes. All of these components help saliva play its essential role in aiding digestion by making food softer and moist enough to prevent damage in the esophagus, the direct pathway food will take to enter into our stomach where digestion or the process of breaking down food even further into smaller bits begins. It is important for our bodies to break down larger molecules into smaller ones as this allows us to more effectively absorb nutrients and CBD into our bloodstream. The CBD gummy is broken down in the stomach into chyme, a creamy paste formed after the food has had time to churn and mix in gastric juices which are made up of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Some cannabinoid research indicates that rather than eating CBD gummy bears on an empty stomach it may help to have a fatty meal to help with the overall absorption.

Edibles as a method of consumption

From here the CBD enters the liver via the hepatic portal system, made of veins that transport blood from the digestive tract to the liver. Then the liver metabolizes the CBD molecules through a process called the first pass effect, a phenomenon where a drug gets metabolized at a specific location in the body that results in a reduced concentration of the drug as compared to a direct absorption into the bloodstream via sublingual (holding a cbd oil under the tongue) with cbd tinctures or cbd oils, vaping, or transdermal (across the skin) application using patches. Due to this first pass effect, the bioavailability or percentage of CBD actually absorbed into our endocannabinoid system tends to be much lower at around ten to twenty percent. This would mean that if you were to take a ten milligram gummy, that you may only actually be absorbing around one to two milligrams.

How many mg of CBD gummies should I take

Although the overall amount of CBD absorbed when eating a cbd gummy is lower, they tend to have a much longer potential duration of effect. Every individual has their own unique metabolism, so the time it may take for the CBD to be absorbed and notice the potential benefits varies for everyone. Typically most people report seeing the effects of taking a CBD gummy within thirty to one-hundred and twenty minutes. On average most people share that the effects last for about four to ten hours. With this in mind, typically most people give it at least two hours before taking another CBD gummy so that our body has time to digest and absorb the CBD. 

How many mg of CBD gummies should I take? 

Bell curve dosing pattern

Unlike several other medications and drugs that have a more linear dosing pattern where the more you take the more effect you will get, researchers suggests that CBD gummies work more on a bell curve dosing pattern. As the chart below shows, this pattern reflects that taking too low or too high of a dose will result in low potential therapeutic benefits. This is a major reason why most people take the low and slow approach to determining the question; how many mg of CBD gummies should I take? 

Bell curve dosing pattern
The low and slow approach is most often done by doing a staircase climb, where someone may start with a lower dosage such as seven and half milligrams of CBD, see how that dosage works for them for a day or so and then increase gradually by taking about by about two and half milligrams increments until reaching the ideal dosage called the goldilocks zone where they reach the optimal dosage for them that is not too low and not too high, it's just right for them. Since everyone has their own body chemistry and hosts their own unique endocannabinoid system, CBD affects everyone differently and dosing needs vary for each individual. Unfortunately there is no universal dosage that people should take to see the potent effects of CBD to potentially help with pain relief or stress. You could take two individuals with the same height, body weight, sex, age and issues and they may have entirely different dosing needs. For some people this process of experimentation may take some time so please do not get discouraged if you do not see the potential benefits right away! 

When it comes to dosing CBD gummies, most people will start with either low potency gummies or take lower doses by cutting the gummy into smaller pieces such as one-quarter or one-half and gradually increase by those increments as needed.  Taking CBD with high potency gummies or even taking a several gummies at a time may run the risk of taking a higher dose and losing the potential benefits of CBD.

How many CBD gummies can you take a day?

How much sugar is in my CBD gummy?

In order to answer the question of how many gummies a day can you take, it is important to consider healthy nutrition with how much sugar we consume. The American Heart Association made a recommendation for the maximum amount of sugar intake people shouldn’t consume more than. Interestingly for men they explained that thirty-six grams of sugar is the maximum amount and for women it is lower at about twenty-five grams of sugar. CBD gummies and plain gummies on average have about one gram of sugar per gummy. With these statistics in mind, one could make a fair assertion that men should not consume more than thirty-six CBD gummies in a day and women should not consume more than twenty-five CBD gummies in a day. Generally most consumers share that they take anywhere between one to six gummies a day depending on the potency of the gummy and their own individual dosing needs. Many consumers often share that they prefer to take cbd daily by starting with a morning dose, and if needed they may take another dose later in the afternoon. When you moderate your overall sugar intake, most people will generally consider CBD gummies safe. However if you do have a condition like diabetes or high blood sugar, then it is best to consult with your physician first.

How many cbd gummies can you eat?

Are CBD gummies vegan? 

Traditionally most CBD gummies and gummies in general will be made using gelatin, which is a protein made by boiling bones, tendons, skin, and ligaments with water. These gummy options are not vegan friendly or free from using an animal or its byproducts. Unless your CBD gummy specifically says that it is vegan, then it is probably better to avoid it if you are wanting to stick to a vegan diet. However there are more CBD gummies being made with a plant based alternative to gelatin using a seaweed called sea moss or Irish moss. More specifically it is the jelly-like substance called carrageenan found in sea moss that acts as the gelatin substitute and allows for vegan gummy options. Keep a close eye on the ingredients lists of your CBD gummies to determine if it is made using gelatin or sea moss. 

How many CBD gummies can you take? 

Are CBD gummies vegan

Different types of CBD gummies

When it comes to deciding what might be the best CBD gummy for you, it may be helpful to understand that not every CBD gummy is made the same way. Generally any given CBD product will fall into one of three categories; full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. 

Different types of CBD gummies
Full spectrum CBD is made using the full hemp extract, making use of over a hundred plus different cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and amino acids that in combination create the entourage effect where each component works synergistically to maximize their potential benefits. It is necessary to know that full spectrum cbd products derived from hemp will contain a trace amount of THC of 0.3% or less in accordance with the 2018 Farm bill that made hemp and its various active ingredients federally legal in the U.S. Typically having just the trace amounts of THC of 0.3% or less is not enough to produce any psychoactive effects, however any amount of THC in our system could run the risk of showing up on a drug screen. With this in mind most people who have drug test concerns such as CDL drivers, nurses, and military tend to avoid any full spectrum cbd gummy bears to be safe rather than sorry. 

Broad spectrum CBD is made nearly identically to full spectrum as it is also made using the full hemp extract, just with the THC removed through a process called chromatography. Both broad and full spectrum CBD products tend to have a more earthy, grassy, bitter hemp flavor due to the terpenes from the plant. Terpenes are what gives plants their natural taste and smell as well as having other potential benefits. Since most people tend to choose CBD gummies as a tastier way of taking CBD to avoid the hemp flavor it is more rare to find either full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD gummies.

full spectrum or broad spectrum or cbd isolate

CBD isolate is made using pure CBD, completely isolated or removed from the rest of the hemp plant. Since there are no other cannabinoids, isolate cbd gummies will unfortunately not create the entourage effect, but many consumers still share great results using them. CBD isolate gummies are by far the most prominent type of CBD gummies that are found in the market as they lack the terpenes from the hemp plant to give them a strong earthy hemp flavor most people may be off put by. 

How many cbd gummies should I take?

How many cbd gummies should I take

How do I know how my CBD gummies are made? 

If you want to know more about how your CBD gummies are made it is a great idea to check if the company that made them does third party lab testing. Here at Discover CBD we send out every batch we make for third party lab testing to allow for more transparency and assurance consumers know exactly what is in their CBD gummy. We were one of the first companies to have a QR code on every label that can be scanned using a smartphone’s camera feature that takes you directly to our Active CBD Oil website where all of our results are posted. From there it is just as simple as finding the corresponding batch number such as GUM-1065 and you will be able to see the cannabinoid potency test showing the amount of CBD and if there is any amount of THC.

How many mg of CBD gummies should I eat?

What gummies do we offer? 

Here at Discover CBD we have a few different CBD gummy options available that are super popular with our customers. We have our Active CBD Oil sweet and sugar coated CBD gummies that offer a higher quantity at an affordable price since they are regularly on sale. They are made using a pure CBD isolate that is infused into a food grade mineral oil and then coated over the regular gummies. We always strive to use natural ingredients and for these cbd gummies they do except for the artificial food coloring used. There are three different selections for these sweet gummies including: a seven hundred and fifty mg container that has fifty gummies each about fifteen milligrams, one thousand and five hundred milligrams container that has one hundred gummies each about fifteen milligrams, and finally the extra strength container that has a total of three-thousand milligrams that that one hundred and twenty gummies that are about twenty-five milligrams each.

Active Gummies
Our Active CBD Oil sour CBD gummies are coated with a mildly sour flavoring for people that do not like their edibles to be overly sweet or super sour. They are made quite differently from the previous gummies discussed as they are infused with a pure CBD isolate combined with our proprietary water soluble CBD formula which is suggested to offer a significantly higher bioavailability or absorption. Generally cbd isolate infused gummies have an edge over coated gummies in terms of having more consistent and accurate dosing. They come in either a one hundred and fifty milligrams container that has ten gummies each at fifteen milligrams or a three hundred and seventy five milligrams container that has twenty-five gummies each at fifteen milligrams. Since these CBD gummies are using the water soluble formula the bioavailability is suggested to be about sixty to eighty percent of CBD actually absorbed, compared to the sweet gummies that are not water soluble that are suggested to be about ten to twenty percent bioavailability. This means that taking the same CBD dose of a fifteen milligram gummy with the sweet CBD gummies could yield about one and half to three milligrams whereas the sour CBD gummies that are water soluble could yield about nine to twelve milligrams. 

Before starting any new health supplements, it is always best to consult with your doctor. This is especially the case if you might be taking any other prescription medications that may have negative interactions with CBD.

CBD gummies
There is whole realm to explore when learning about CBD gummies and dosing, so if you have any questions about buying cbd our team is always happy to help if you visit any of our retail locations, chat with us at, or give us a call toll-free at 1-844-GO-CBD-NOW (462-2366).


The initial recommended dose is 5-10 mg, then every 3-4 days you can gradually add another 5 mg until you get the desired result. But not exceeding the daily dose - 70 mg. If you are taking other medicines, it is better to start with 2.5 mg.
You should start with 10 mg, and gradually increase the dose to 30-60 mg per day. This amount should be enough for fast falling asleep and restoration of daily biorhythms. But it is better to consult a doctor and carefully read the packaging and instructions.
Usually these data range from 5 to 40 mg, and will vary depending on the intensity of the pain. If it is a mild pain, you can start with 5 mg. If it is too intense pain, you can take 20-40 mg. But do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 70 mg.
This value is individual for everyone, but it is worth starting with 10 mg and gradually adding 5 mg, but not exceeding 50 mg. It is better to consult a doctor to avoid unwanted health consequences.

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