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How We're Leading the Way in CBD Safety

Posted by Star Barnes on

CBD has been all the buzz lately, but as the market continues to grow so do risks. The industry still lacks any federal regulation meaning consumers have to go the extra mile to make sure the products they buy don’t pose a health or safety threat. However, here at DiscoverCBD, we take it upon ourselves to ensure consistent quality and cleanliness for the safety of our customers. To do this we have gone through extensive measures such as building an ISO 6 cleanroom, obtaining a CDPHE certification and testing each batch of product, to name a few.


With the goal to set our own standard of regulation we built an ISO 6 cleanroom, which are frequently used in research and pharmaceutical settings. The whole goal of our ISO 6 cleanroom is to reduce the introduction of contaminants and ensure purity of each product through environment control. The room has temperature and humidity controls, HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration, and sanitation processes making it a great environment to manufacture our products compared to other environments that may not be as clean or safe such as basements and garages that other products might be produced in. In addition to the ISO 6 cleanroom, we are CDPHE approved. This means we meet the standards required for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment which includes labelling requirements, deriving products from a recognized industrial hemp program and avoiding health claims among other things. Unfortunately, we have had to drop third party products that haven’t met those requirements -- though we have reintroduced the few who rose to the challenge.

Beyond making sure our products are manufactured in a clean facility, we also strive to have consistent CBD rich product. We ensure the quality of our products is consistent by not just having third party lab testing, but also by testing every batch. Many companies will cut corners by testing one batch, and use those results for up to a year -- when it is highly likely that the subsequent batches will have a varied cannabinoid content. By testing for each batch, we ensure that our products remain constant and reliable. Furthermore, we’ve made these batch results as accessible as possible. Since 2016, each and every product from the Active CBD line has a QR code on it that brings anyone easily to the batch result page. 

Photo from Eden Labs

Consistency and cleanliness in mind, we are mindful about not only where the product is made but how it is made. We use supercritical CO₂ extraction to extract our CBD -- which is one of the cleanest methods possible. Other solvent extractions often leave behind residue, whereas nontoxic supercritical CO₂ extraction leaves little to no residue behind. Not only do we make sure the CBD itself is as clean as possible, we also strive to use organic when sourcing for other ingredients. Many of our products that contain organic ingredients are topicals such as our salve, lotion, lip balm and roll on; though we also use organic ingredients in our coffee and dog treats

While we are keeping up with all of these standards we have set in place for ourselves, we intend to always improve the way we do things.. We are taking the initiative to have our facility become GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified -- which is a certification set forth by the FDA. Currently, we are GMP compliant and are taking strides towards the certification.

In this world of gas station CBD, we rise above by extensive self regulation. Our goal is to always ensure the safety of those consuming our products no matter the cost to us. The most important thing here at DiscoverCBD is making sure each and every person who comes to us looking for CBD can find a product that they can feel confident knowing is safe and legitimate.

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