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CBD Water

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CBD Water 

Nowadays, you’ll find CBD in almost everything. CBD beauty products, edibles, and even CBD-infused toothpicks all have their place in the world of cannabidiol. But what about CBD water?

You read that right: CBD-infused water is an up-and-coming product that only a few CBD brands have been able to master. Today, we’re talking all about Discover CBD, how it works, and why you would want to consume hemp water in the first place. 

What’s the Deal With CBD Water?

CBD water is just as the name suggests: it is water infused with CBD! CBD water brands all have different methods of crafting their infused water — as we’ll talk about in a moment — to create varying strengths and onset times. 

For many brands, CBD water doesn’t look any different from typical water, and it also doesn’t taste too different, either. To ensure the best experience possible, Discover CBD makes its beverages in unique flavors to help disguise any taste of hemp that might linger. This way, it tastes as though you’re drinking some high-end sparkling water and nothing more! But, once the CBD Water effects hit you just a few minutes later, then you’ll remember that it wasn’t just regular ol’ water you were drinking. 

However, if you don’t want flavored water, that’s okay! Unflavored options are available, and you’ll enjoy sipping on them just as much as you would any other bottle of water. You won’t have any issues bringing these products places with you, and you’ll get your daily dose of CBD whenever you feel it is necessary. 

CBD water is truly a product that’s ahead of its time. With so few ingredients, it’s hard to believe a company can come up with such a seamlessly infused product like Discover CBD. But, thanks to incredibly advanced technology and more knowledge about cannabinoids than ever before, these products are possible. And they’re oh-so-potent. So, how do brands make CBD sparkling water? How does all of it work? 

How Does Discover CBD Work?

Unlike other CBD products, CBD water isn’t made easily. For most products, manufacturers take the hemp plant and extract the cannabidiol oil from it. Then, they add this oil with another carrier oil and voíla! You have an infused CBD products. (Okay, maybe it’s not that easy, but you get the point.) 

This ease happens because of the oil’s pairing with another oil. Cannabinoids like CBD are fat-soluble compounds; this means they break down and work best in fat-based substances like oils. But, as you’ve probably guessed, there is no oil in water. 

Technically, if you wanted to, you could add some drops of CBD oil into your water and consume it that way. However, you’ll notice immediately that this isn’t a great choice: think typical oil and water. These two substances simply do not mix. Instead, you’ll be left with a clear oily layer of CBD on top and water on the bottom. Ick. 

So, how does CBD water work, then?

In order for brands to produce things like Discover CBD, they must rely on special nano-emulsion technology. Essentially, professionals are able to shrink cannabinoids into practically microscopic sizes. By doing this, the cannabinoids can blend beautifully into the water, creating an infused drink without any separation. 

Not only does doing this allow for a better product, but nano-emulsion allows for better absorption, too. When CBD is water-soluble, your body doesn’t have to break down the fatty carriers first. Instead, they bypass all of that and go straight to the bloodstream through the small intestine. Thus, you’re able to experience effects much quicker than you would with regular CBD oils or even CBD-oil-based beverages. 

We know that this may be a lot of information at once, but it’s easier to understand once you get your hands on your own CBD oil-water. You’ll see firsthand how quickly the effects hit you and how effortlessly the cannabinoids have mixed within your water — you won’t be able to tell they’re there. 

Is CBD Water Good for You?

Many people can’t help but wonder about CBD sparkling water and its effects on the body. So, is CBD water good for you? Yes, of course, it is!

Water infused with CBD is nothing different than infusing your water with something else. People do it all the time, whether it be for flavor or nutrients. Just because we added a bit of cannabidiol to our H2O, this doesn’t discredit the value of nourishing water — and CBD! 

While CBD water offers significant benefits on its own, CBD also provides its own supportive values that are great for most consumers. Most people report feeling much calmer and more at ease after drinking some hemp water; others may see improvement in mood. Everybody will experience different CBD water effects, all while getting a dose of hydration. 

You have to make sure you don’t forget you’re drinking CBD-infused water when you go for some more, though. Your body still has a tolerance to the cannabinoid, and you don’t want to consume more than your stomach’s comfortable with. So, while CBD oil-water is good for you, too much can cause adverse reactions if you’re not careful. We will discuss the ins and outs of dosing CBD water later. 

Benefits of Hemp Water

There are a lot of benefits to consuming a product like CBD water. As we mentioned above, no matter what, you’re getting hydrated — which your body will love. However, CBD-infused water offers far more than just a dose of a refreshing beverage. 

The Accessibility of CBD Water

A lot of people are falling in love with hemp-infused water because of the accessibility that it offers. Instead of relying on fancy tools or complicated instructions, water with CBD couldn’t be more straightforward. This is a product that any CBD consumer at any level can enjoy — whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur. 

As long as you have ample use of your hands and do not struggle with opening regular water bottles, you truly have nothing to worry about with hemp water. The accessibility is as easy as it gets, making it the perfect option for everyone interested. Just make sure you still take the time to accurately and safely dose your water, regardless of how easy it is to consume. 

The Discretion of CBD Oil Water

Along with being easy to use for every level of CBD experience, CBD water is terrific for its discretion. Simply put, not everybody wants the world to know they’re consuming CBD (though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it). So, products like CBD tinctures and flowers can be a lot more obvious than you might enjoy. With CBD-infused water, on the other hand, you have nothing to worry about. 

Like we talked about, CBD sparkling water and hemp water look just like regular products. You would never know unless you looked at the label that the product you’re drinking contains CBD, making it ideal for those who want to keep it on the down low. But, with products this discrete, always make sure you store them in places where other people cannot access them. You don’t want someone accidentally drinking your Discover CBD thinking it’s just regular H2O. 

The Flavor (Or Lack Thereof)

The benefits of CBD are incredible, but some people simply cannot stand the plant-like flavor that CBD inevitably brings. While some brands try to hide flavors within their CBD oils, you’re still often left with unpleasant after tastes and textures on the tongue. No thanks! If you’re someone who doesn’t like the taste or texture of CBD, hemp waters are absolutely perfect. 

Water with CBD doesn’t taste like CBD, especially if you purchase one of Discover CBD’s flavored sparkling waters. These CBD sparkling waters come in flavors like Black Cherry, Strawberry Lavender, Apple Ginger, and more. Plus, they have unflavored options, too, if you just want a sip of water. No matter what your taste buds are asking for, you can find all the best options through CBD water for sale. 

How to Consume CBD Oil Water

If you couldn’t already guess, consuming CBD oil-water is effortless. All you have to do is open the bottle of water and drink! You can drink the whole thing or have half a can if you’d prefer. If you plan to drink the entire thing, we’d suggest sipping slowly to give your stomach a chance to get used to the CBD Water. 

For those of you with a bit of a sensitive stomach, try eating something alongside your CBD water. This can help prevent any stomach upset that may occur, as it gives your stomach something to absorb the CBD into. 

The effects you experience from your CBD-infused water will help determine the best timeframe to enjoy your drink. If you find that your hemp water makes you more decompressed and relaxed than anything, maybe try enjoying it at the end of your workday or on the weekend when you have time off. If the water helps with your mood, comfort, and sociability, it might be an excellent option for parties, outings, or even just the start of your day. 

Dosing of CBD Water 

When it comes to dosing your CBD, this will largely depend on the potency of your water. You need to keep in mind that if your hemp water says it has 25 milligrams of CBD, that means it has 25 milligrams total. If you drink half of the bottle, then you’re consuming around 13 milligrams of CBD instead. 

More experienced consumers shouldn’t have any issue drinking a whole bottle, as long as the total milligrams aren’t incredibly high. Typically, experienced consumers can handle between 25 to 50 mg. per dose. However, if you’re newer to the world of CBD, we’d suggest starting with just a quarter of the drink and seeing how your body reacts. If you find that this isn’t enough, you can drink half next time and so on. 

The best thing to keep in mind when dosing CBD products is to start with a low dose and be patient. Usually, CBD doesn’t hit you right away, and you need to be patient before consuming more. Otherwise, you can upset your stomach and have a poor experience! Starting low and slow is the best way to ensure your body is happy and you get the best reaction to cannabidiol water possible. 

The Best CBD Water Near Me

If you’re looking for CBD water for sale, you’ve come to the right place. The best CBD water near you is going to Discover CBD, a brand that’s all about providing you a potent cannabidiol experience using nano-emulsion. These products ship all throughout the US, so no matter where you are in the country, you have the opportunity to try some for yourself. 

Here at Discover CBD, we understand that quality, purity, and transparency are not only important in our products but as a brand, too. That’s why we make sure to always have our third-party lab-test results readily available for customers to read and analyze. With these, you can see just how high-quality our products are, ensuring that there isn’t any presence of harmful ingredients. 

Finding trustworthy CBD water brands isn’t always easy. But, Discover CBD is here to change that. 

Purchasing Discover CBD Water Today

So, if you’re looking for the best CBD-infused water brand for you, Discover CBD is the ideal choice. With a huge selection of different CBD waters — some sparkling and some still — there’s something for absolutely everyone. Take a look at the brand’s impressive collection of CBD water and see which one most appeals to you. Then, Discover CBD will ship the water to you safely and discreetly in just a matter of days. And, don’t worry! We make sure to keep your products as safe as possible so they arrive at your doorstep ready for your consumption. 

Undergo a whole new CBD experience today and purchase Discover CBD from our website. Before you know it, you’ll never want to go back to regular water again.  


What is CBD water?

CBD (cannabidiol) water has been making a huge splash in the health and wellness world lately, as more and more people give it a try and discover its benefits for themselves. It's no wonder that CBD water is growing in popularity — the active compound within this oil, known as cannabidiol, is extracted directly from the seeds and stalk of cannabis plants, where it is plentiful

What are the benefits of CBD water?

CBD water benefits are numerous, but people are still unaware of them. The benefits are many and they can easily be added to your diet.CBD benefits virtually everyone who consumes it, because CBD interacts with our bodies in a positive way. CBD has very little or no side effects at all. This is one of the benefits of CBD water.Some of the benefits of CBD water is that it benefits virtually everyone who consumes it because CBD interacts with our bodies in a positive way.

How much CBD water should I drink?

One of the most important things about CBD water is how much CBD water should you drink.It is important to note that CBD water is the most effective when it has been ingested orally and not applied topically on the skin because CBD water, in general, does not have any additional ingredients which makes CBD water more efficient. The full effects of CBD water will start to be felt within just a few hours after ingestion. When using CBD products, the greatest thing to remember is to start with a modest dose and be patient. CBD usually takes a while to take effect, so be patient before drinking more. Otherwise, you risk upsetting your stomach and having a bad time! Starting slowly and gradually will ensure that your body is satisfied and that you have the finest possible reaction to cannabidiol water.

Where to buy CBD water near me?

You've come to the right site if you're looking for CBD water for sale. Discover CBD, a company dedicated to giving you a strong cannabidiol experience through nano-emulsion, is the best CBD water near you. These goods are available for purchase throughout the United States, so no matter where you are in the country, you can sample them.

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