Cannabidiol Concentrate: CBD Isolate Vs. CBD Shatter

There are many different cannabidiol (CBD) oil products on the market, with one of the newest, and most popular, being concentrates. This version of concentrated CBD comes in powder or crystallized form and is much more concentrated than traditional CBD oil, and is sometimes referred to as isolate or shatter. People typically use a vaporizer or similar apparatus to deliver this form of CBD through their lungs.

Concentrates, which are sometimes referred to as dabs, are created in a process that involves the use of butane gas or other solvents, chemical or otherwise, to extract the active ingredients. Here at Discover CBD, we actually pride ourselves in using one of the cleanest and purest method of extracting available for cannabis products: Super Critical CO2 Extraction. While concentrates can also be produced via methods involving ice water and many other solvents, the butane gas method is what is most widely used. The name of the practice comes from the way it’s ingested, where the concentrate is “dabbed” onto the surface of a heated pipe, producing a vapor to inhale. Instead of being kept in a syringe, concentrates are typically kept in a silicone, stick-free jar to "dab" out of.

Fans of dabbing appreciate it for several reasons. Many promote its use for relief from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Additionally, vape pens are becoming more popular as they are simple to use and discreet. Because dabs are so highly concentrated, a little goes a long way making it an efficient way to add CBD to your life.

When looking at shatter compared to CBD isolate, the only real difference will be the shatter contains added 'terpenes'. These terpenes are what give a plant its unique smell and taste, along with many other characteristics. Many different plants produce these terpenes in different varieties. For example, cannabis sativa produces these terpenes but are often lost in the extraction process. We have actually re-introduced these terpenes into a finished product that is ready to use! We also carry the terpenes by themselves for whatever use you may have, which can be found here


There are many potential therapeutic uses for terpenes. The 5 most common terpenes found in cannabis and other every day plants include:


If you are interested in CBD, you may want to consider dabbing isolate or shatter. Discover CBD offers different varieties of CBD concentrates in many forms and concentration levels up to 99% purity. Discover CBD is here to provide you with blog postings and resources that contain only useful facts about hemp-based, legal Cannabidiol (CBD) leading you to the products that are right for you.

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