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These days, everyone is always so busy. It seems that there's always something that needs to be done: a family event, wedding, bills that need paid, work, etc. How can any of us find the time to relax? And how do we get our minds to relax when we finally find the time to do so? Here's a quick list of things you can do to try to help get your relaxation on. 

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RELAXING THE MIND: Try taking slow, deep breaths or other breathing exercises.This and meditation go hand-in-hand. Mindful meditation is commonly used to help you relax. Mindful meditation can be a great stress reliever because you aren't focused on the past or future; you just sit there in the present breathing. Soaking in a warm bath and listening to music can also be very relaxing depending on the mood of the music. Writing tends to be soothing as well, whether it's a daily journal, poems, stories, jokes, or anything that inspires you. Many people find solace in writing.
Although relaxing the mind is great, if you have trouble relaxing the body, then a relaxed mind is still an exhausted body. Here are a few things to try to help your body relax.
    RELAXING THE BODY: Go on a short hike or find a peaceful location to just watch the sun and the world around you. This can give you perspective and remind you that the things stressing you out aren't as big of a deal as you may think. Yoga is also a very popular exercise people use to relax the body. It allows you to focus on breathing and the task at hand, allowing you to clear your head. Progressive muscle relaxation is something that you can do when your muscles are tense and you can't get your body to relax. This is where you tense certain muscle groups, then relax them, leading to reduced anxiety and muscle pain. Getting a massage can always be relaxing as well.
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    Relaxing is great, but sometimes getting in that relaxation mode can be difficult. Here are a few products you could try to help you de-stress.
    PRODUCTS FOR RELAXING: Many find CBD to give them a calming effect. That's why many with anxiety use it. The Active CBD Oil Isolate Slab could be therapeutic. It's able to be dabbed or vaped and can potentially give off a clear-headedness athat allows a person to relax. Another fantastic product is the Active CBD Oil Bath Bombs. They have 40mg of CBD in each, and they come in scents of lavender, lemon eucalyptus, and peppermint. A lot of our customers get these bath bombs and cannot believe the results. I've even had customers that have told me they "didn't want to leave their bathtub," because they felt so relaxed and comfortable.

    We all need to take the time to kick back and take a breather. With all of these tips, I hope you find the time to be able to put them to use. Sometimes relaxing can be a challenge, but it shouldn't have to be. 
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