Hemp Hookahzz E-Juice Vape Pen review.  

Last week we did a review on the Hemp Hookahzz Pink Diva E-juice vape oil and we used the Hemp Hookahzz Evod vape pen for that review, now its the vape pens turn.  We have been using the 900mah and 650mah Hemp Hookahzz EVOD vape pen for about a week now and are very familiar with both versions of this pen.  Both the Hemp Hookahzz 650 mah EVOD as well as the Hemp Hookahzz 900 mah EVOD are available at DiscoverCBD.com for $15.99 for the 650mah and $22.99 for the 900mah. Both of these Vape pens use the E-juice / Vape oil at DiscoverCBD.com and other stores.  Even though they are two different pens they are both very similar so we will be reviewing both pens at the same time and noting the difference when its applicable.  So lets get started!

 Packaging 7/10

The packaging for this vape pen is nice and modern with some flashy graphics and heat shrink plastic neatly holding everything in place. The front is transparent so you can clearly see the pen itself and a USB charger for the vape pen battery.  All of this is put together quite well and professionally packaged with good info on the back such as; the size of the battery (650mah or 900mah), the diameter and length of the pens (the 900mah is slightly larger), how many puffs/hits you can expect from a single charge (1000 puffs for 650 mah and 1200 puffs for 900 mah),and how many times you will be able to charge the batery (300 times).  The back also has information regarding safety, which for most of us is common sense such as; not eating the battery and drinking the lithium juice inside of the battery.  The packaging also states that you should be 18 yrs of age to use this product in all states besides New York where you should be 21 yrs old before using this vape pen.

Generally the packaging is nice, neat and well thought out but, there is something we feel is missing. We would really prefer to see some instructions on how to use the pen such as how to fill, how to unlock, etc. We have instructions on use at DiscoverCBD.com under the product description, but its something we feel should also have a place on the packaging itself.  For this reason it got a 7 instead of a perfect 10.

Durability 8/10

Durability is really important when we talk about vape pens because just like cell phones we carry them everywhere we go and pockets are not the most hospitable place for any electronic device. We have all had this happen, you pull out your car keys and out comes everything else in your pocket, the pen, your cell phone, etc.. jumps out with them and heads straight for the hard concrete.  Well fortunately for you, the Hemp Hookahzz vape pens are very durable and chances are good it made it through this accident just fine, your cell phone on the other hand may not have been so lucky.  

The casing of this vape pen is made from the same materials you find on just about any vaporizer; hard plastic, some rubber, and a bit of metal.  The buttons feel solid and the pieces fit together well.  These vape pens look pretty cool too, nice flat black with the printed logo of "Hemp Hookahzz on the front.

The only complaint we had about the product and its durabiity is we had some hairline fractures appear on the clear piece that holds the E-Juice on the 900mah vape pen. These little fractures did get worse as we used it more but after several recharges and more than 3000 puffs it never leaked or affected the use of the vape pen at all.  In fact even though there were these things that looked like hairline fractures we couldn't feel them and we even dropped it at least a half dozen times onto concrete with no damage to the pen.  These fractures is why the pen receives a 8/10 instead of a perfect 10 in durability.  But please note that even though it appeared to have hairline fractures they never affected the use of the pen and it has proven to be very durable over the past week.

Use 10/10 (How well does it work)

After using this pen for over a week we can say that it works and works very well for vaporizing CBD E-Juice Vape oil.  Not only does it produce awesome huge vapor clouds with ease it does it all day on a single charge with ease.  The fact that the Hemp Hookahzz EVOD vape pen lasts all day is great because we have had other E-pens that don't make it all day and that is always a huge disappointment.

Something else we have noticed with other pens is that depending on what they are made of it can influence the taste of the vape oil but, we are proud to say we did not experience this at all with the Hemp Hookahzz vape pen.  Every puff was full of flavor and vaporized perfectly.  The last two puffs of the vape pen before the battery dies will be smaller but that's just a good indicator for you that the battery is about to be dead.

Refilling this vape pen is also very easy as well as charging the battery for the vape pen.  Both of these things if not designed well can be a deal breaker.  Charging is easily accomplished by threading the battery into the charger and simply plugging in the USB charger into any USB port. This method of charging vape pens is much better than a simple plug because those often fail eventually where as threaded connections rarely fail.  Refilling the Hemp Hookahzz vape pen is also easily accomplished by simply unscrewing the clear cartridge, holding it upside down if you still have juice left in the cartridge,  and injecting the E-Juice in the side around the hollow metal centerpiece. We rate the use of this vape pen a perfect 10 for it's easy use and perfect vaping capabilities. 

Overall 8.3

Overall the Hemp Hookahzz EVOD 650mah and 900mah vapes CBD E-Juice Vape oil VERY well. Besides the packaging not having instructions for use and what looked like hairline fractures on the cartridge of the 900mah vape pen both performed exceptionally well.  When we tested the packaging, the construction/durability and the use of these vape pens we can honestly say it doesn't get much better than the Hemp Hookahzz EVOD 650mah and 900mah CBD E-Juice Vape pen.  And at the price of only $15.99 and $22.99 these Vape pens will be hard to beat.

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