What is a CBD oil tincture?

All over the internet you can find CBD oil tinctures. If you have ever wondered "What is a CBD oil tincture exactly?", this article is for you.  If you would like to purchase CBD oil tinctures you can do so at DiscoverCBD.com HERE.

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Many people will think that a CBD oil tincture is just CBD oil but that simply isn't the case.

Any real CBD oil tincture will contain CBD oil in it but it will only be a small percentage of the overall volume of the tincture.

CBD tinctures will usually consist of a number of ingredients that play many different roles.  The base product will usually be one of these things or a mixture of these things:

Base products will serve a few purposes. One use is to dilute the oil so it can be mixed with things such as sweeteners, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers and other things.

There are secondary ingredients in many different types of tinctures as well and those can include:

  • Polysorbate 80 (emulsifier)
  • Lecithin (emulsifier)
  • Water (used to thin out the product)
  • Natural or artificial flavoring (flavor enhancer)
  • Sweetener (usually used to help cover up the bitterness of the oil)
  • CBD oil or CBD isolate.

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CBD oil tinctures will usually come in 15ml/0.5oz, 30ml/1oz and 60ml/2oz sizes and you will typically see strengths between 100mg of CBD to 2500mg or more of CBD. CBD oil tinctures will be thick but will still flow freely at room temperature.

Pure CBD oil will generally come in syringes or small canisters and will usually come in 1 gram, 3 gram, 5 gram and 10 gram increments and with typical strengths of 15% to 25%. CBD oil in this form is essentially high CBD hemp oil and will often be thick like a paste and will rarely be runny at room temperature.

The important thing to remember with tinctures is that they are mostly NOT CBD oil and mostly other ingredients.  This can be particularly confusing when some companies label their tinctures as "CBD oil".  Depending on the tincture you get you will likely have anywhere from between 0.25% and 3% actual CBD oil in the tincture rather than 100% CBD oil.

CBD oil tinctures do fulfill the needs of many consumers. The benefits of CBD tinctures over 100% CBD oil are primarily ease of dosing and more pleasant flavors.

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CBD tinctures can be much easier to dose than pure CBD oil simply because they are not nearly as concentrated. One drop of tincture contains much less CBD oil than one drop of pure CBD oil. The difference of 1 drop in a tincture might be 1mg of CBD, whereas the difference of one drop in pure CBD oil will be closer to 25mg. This is precisely the reason why the doses in our tinctures are measured by droppers full rather than drops.

Taste is another factor when it comes to tinctures. Pure CBD oil has no flavoring added, so it will wind up tasting more like its constituent plant parts. We hear "planty" and "earthy" as descriptions of the taste fairly frequently. For those who don't find this flavor appealing or workable, there are tinctures. Compared to the pure CBD oil, the flavor of the water soluble tinctures is diluted, and flavors of cinnamon and vanilla help to mask it somewhat. CBD tinctures can come in a variety of flavors such as cinnamon, peppermint, and even some exotic flavors like banana cream pie, green apple and more. Tasting better can be a real benefit with CBD because you can keep it under your tongue longer and absorb the CBD oil better. Many people will still prefer a completely unflavored tincture

Use:  CBD oil tinctures are best if placed under the tongue for 30-90 seconds until dissolved. Most adults start with anywhere between 7-25 mg of CBD per day. One dropper full of our regular strength tincture will be about 4 mg of CBD; 10 mg/dropper for the extra strength; 20.8mg/dropper for the 1250mg tincture; and 41.6mg for the 2500mg tincture.

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