Product Review: Active CBD Oil Gold, 1 Gram Syringe

There are many hemp-based CBD oils available in different formats. Recently, our testing teams evaluated CBD Oil Gold, 1 Gram Syringe Active CBD Oil Gold, one of the many top-quality products available from The Active CBD oil Gold is available for $44.99 at After three weeks of testing, here are the conclusions of our team.




Packaging 10/10                        

This is a top quality filtered and decarboxylated pure gold CBD oil loaded into a disposable syringe. The ingredients are listed as “100% filtered & decarboxylated high cannabidiol hemp oil. CO2 extracted. NON-GMO.” The 1-Gram Syringe makes it easy to measure the dosage levels, and to monitor or adjust the dosage to find what works most effectively for you. The syringe format is also dripless (no spills) and easy to carry with you wherever you go---and with not worry of leaks or spills. If the oil is hard to dispense simply warm the container by placing in warm water for a few minutes, and you will find it dispenses easily.  



















Taste Experience 10/10

One of the best elements is the rich hemp taste. In fact, the flavor is very pleasing. The suggested dosage calls for .05g/.05ml twice a day. At this rate, the single syringe delivers about 10 servings. If you like, you can add the "Active CBD Oil" to food (it’s really good in yogurt) or beverages or smoothies, but keep in mind CBD oil is not water soluble.


Effectiveness 9/10

Our testers report that this product works quickly to relax the user, and also to ease the discomfort of specific problems, including stress, inflammation and for some, pain. CBD Oil is a non-psychoactive supplement that remains legal to use across the United States and many countries – no medical card needed. Like all CBD Oils, this product delivers results without any side effects. There are a wide range of CBD oils to choose from, and in a variety of formats. We recommend Active CBD Oil Gold in the handy syringe as an easy to use, effective choice. If you are wondering what type of CBD oil to buy, or what might be right for you, has some excellent information, nicely distilled into an informative buying guide: "The different varieties of CBD oil explained".


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