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Active CBD products can now join the ranks of thousands of established companies who have been endorsed as cruelty-free by the international organization Leaping Bunny.

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Leaping Bunny was established in 1996 to inform consumers in a growing landscape of ‘cruelty-free’ products. Animal rights organizations felt as though it was too easy for a company to make claims about their products without being held accountable. Leaping Bunny was formed as a response to this from leading animal rights organizations across the nation including The Humane Society of the United States, American Anti-Vivisection Society, and Beauty Without Cruelty, USA. From there, the group brought in organizations from Canada and Europe.

To obtain Leaping Bunny certification, a company must adhere to strict standards that extend beyond the supervision of their own manufacturing. Ingredients that are included and supplied from any third-party manufacturing must also be verified to meet the strict standards of the Leaping Bunny organization. The Leaping Bunny standard is internationally recognized and provides continuity within the cruelty-free movement.   

Active CBD joins the ranks of well-known household brands such as CoverGirl, ECOS, J.R. Watkins, and Seventh Generation in taking the pledge. Leaping Bunny certified corporations must be open to independent audits and recertified annually to assure customers that they are continuing to meet the standards set forth.

Active CBD products covered under the Leaping Bunny certification include lip balm, bath bombs, salve, lotion, patches, and roll on. Active CBD is committed to creating products that adhere to the highest consumer standards. As the industry evolves, it is growing more important for consumers to know what is in the products they use daily and how those products are made.

As a leader in the industry, Active CBD will continue to look for ways to keep consumers informed. Currently, all Active CBD products come with access to third-party testing results as part of our continued commitment to consumer awareness.

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