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Adding CBD Isolate to a Larger Base

Posted by Hunter Lamoreaux on

           A gram of raw CBD isolate

          So, creating your own infusion is extremely easy with isolate. Adding isolate to a larger base (because CBD is OIL SOLUBLE) is your best bet for creating your own tinctures/salves. Each gram of CBD isolate usually contains about 995mg of CBD and is a white powder substance. I am sure you can imagine how difficult it is to weigh out 20mg of a fine white powder! There are scales that measure into the hundredth of a gram(.01g) which would make this possible but even easier and cheaper is adding it to a cup of coconut oil and creating your own tinctures/salves.


          Coconut oil has been shown to have some health benefits of its own so infusing Coconut oil and CBD is a no brainer. You could also use butter or even vegetable oil for this but because of some of the properties of coconut oil (like the fact that it is a solid a room temperature) we will be using it for this guide. Infusing an entire cup could also allow you to use it as a topical as well! As for actually infusing the oil that is super easy and I will put it into steps below.


  1. First you need to measure out one cup of coconut oil( and get it into it’s liquid form. To do that we recommend that you use the double boil method. Take a glass bowl or even better a Pyrex measuring cup and place your 1 cup of coconut oil inside of it. On your stove heat up a pot of water on medium heat and as it starts to warm up put your bowl with the coconut oil inside of it and it will slowly start melting.
  2. Once it is a liquid keep the stove on medium heat and add in your gram of CBD isolate. It should easily blend itself into the coconut oil at this point. Keep it in the double boil for about ten to fifteen minutes and stir occasionally until liquid is clear.
  3. After your five minutes are up remove it from the stove and let it cool all the way down to room temperature before pouring it into your container you plan on storing your infusion in. According to your own preference store in the fridge for a solid (topical) or return to heat for a liquid (tincture).
  4. Last but not least a little math. So, if we know that our cup of infused coconut oil has 995mg of CBD in it so we can use the equations 995mg/48tspns=20.7mg per teaspoon. Each teaspoon you ingest would contain about 21mg of CBD!


         You can easily change the recipe if you wanted to take less volume of liquid to a half cup or even a third cup. Just remember to change the number of teaspoons in the equation (MG of CBD/teaspoons of coconut oil).

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