What is MCT Oil?
MCT is the abbreviation of medium-chain triglycerides. Triglycerides make up a majority of the body fat found in humans and animals. If you are health conscious, you probably already know that long-chain saturated fatty acids can be bad for you in high doses. Long-chain triglycerides are hard for your body to break down. Eating foods high in saturated fat can raise your cholesterol, lead to weight gain and puts you at risk for developing chronic health conditions.
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Medium-chain triglycerides have a carbon chain contain six to twelve carbons while long-chain triglycerides have twelve to over twenty carbons attached. Why does it matter how many carbons are attached to the fatty acid? The more carbons attached to the lipid (fat), the harder your body has to work to break down the lipids so that you can digest them. Medium-chain triglycerides are water soluble allowing your body to absorb them faster and are less likely to be stored in fat tissue. After ingestion, MCT passes through your stomach and is absorbed directly from your intestines and into the liver where it is converted directly to fuel. In fact, it takes no extra energy to absorb and use MCT. Medium-chain triglycerides are much easier to break down and actually have some valuable health benefits.
MCT Oil is a naturally occurring substance. Medium-chain triglycerides can be found in both coconut oil and olive oil. Due to MCT Oil’s unique digestion process, it is light on the tummy and good for your health.
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Health Benefits of MCT Oil:

Weight Loss

MCTs are vastly missing from “modern Western” diets. MCT is one of the top sources of essential healthy fats and are burned by the body for fuel instead of being stored as fat. When MCT oil is consumed daily, it can aid in weight loss by making you feel fuller and by helping your body absorb more vitamins and minerals. MCT can also help to improve your energy level and your mood which both aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

Heart Health

Human studies of MCT have shown that this fatty acid can actually help to lower lipid levels and improve cardiovascular health. Additionally, MCT doesn’t stimulate a surge in insulin which makes it a good source of fat for those suffering from diabetes.

Brain Health

MCT Oil can also be beneficial for your brain. In people affected by Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s certain neurons have become resistant to insulin or have lost the ability to utilize glucose which leads to those neurons slowly dying off. MCT Oil may be able to help rescue these neurons and protect them from further damage. According to Mental Health Daily, “MCT supplementation boosted cognition in individuals with cognitive impairment and mild forms of Alzheimer’s disease after just a single dose. While not everyone improved from the MCT treatment, those with certain genetics experienced notable improvement.”

GI Issues

MCT Oil is very gentle on your stomach. Not only does it get absorbed in your intestines and then liver, but it can actually help you get the most out of the food you eat. Adding MCT Oil to your diet can help you maintain a healthy diet that will encourage your body to utilize all it can from the other healthy foods that you eat. This makes MCT Oil the natural choice for those suffering from stomach issues and when combined with CBD/MCT oil Tincture, you are truly getting the best of both worlds.

Is MCT oil safe for my pets?

Absolutely! Our Doggy Be Good Tincture from Green Garden Gold is supplemented with MCT. A recent study by Dr. Becker showed that MCT oil is essential for the aging pup. MCT Oil can help to raise energy levels and promote mental clarity on dogs over the age of 7. As a dog ages, he can experience a range of issues from arthritis and achy joints to digestive issues and weight gain. Combining CBD, with all its known benefits, with a supplement like MCT you can maximize the benefits of both supplements. The MCT allows for faster absorption of CBD and has its own health benefits independent of CBD.
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Want to try a CBD/MCT combination?
Our Active CBD oil Capsules contain 25mg of CBD and MCT Oil. Capsules are a great way to incorporate both CBD and MCT in your daily diet. Together these supplements are suggested to help with a wide variety of issues. We also offer MCT/CBD oil tinctures available in either a 300 mg, 1250 mg or 2500 mg concentration. 
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