Best Products For 420 Guide

What does 420 mean? 

The term 420 became a popular cultural idiom which means to smoke or consume cannabis at the time of 4:20 or on the date of April 20th (4/20). Its origins are suggested to link back to 1971 from a group of five San Rafael High School students known as the ‘Waldos’ who used it as a secret code to let each other know they were planning to meet up at that time to smoke in a discreet way that no one else understood. It is rumored that the spread of this phrase was attributed to one of the Waldos becoming a follower of the band Grateful Dead as they regularly would call for a 420 session to become a socially accepted time to consume cannabis. Now 420 is celebrated not only as a time of day to be acceptable to smoke, but as an entire day on April 20th. With this came public gatherings of people consuming cannabis collectively as a form of peaceful protest against laws and regulations that inhibit their way of life and access to natural medicine. 

Many people still honor and celebrate 420 as a holiday to enjoy cannabis freely. Businesses in the hemp and marijuana industry understand the cultural importance this day holds for consumers of all kinds and strive to make it more affordable so everyone can enjoy the potential benefits by offering some of their biggest sales of the year. 420 for these businesses and customers is the equivalent of a Black Friday sale for the average retail setting. Whether you are new to trying hemp derived CBD or THC or looking for the best products to try out we have you covered with this guide on the best products for 420. 

What kind of 420 product should I use? 

There are several different methods of consumption to consider using for 420 ranging from inhalation, sublingual, ingestion, transdermal, or topical application. However by far the most common routes of administration used on 420 are either inhalation or ingestion. We will explore further the advantages of each to help you better determine what might best fit your needs. 


Take a deep breath in and release slowly as you feel a relaxation course through your body and mind. This is the ideal result from vaping or smoking hemp derived cannabinoids such as CBD, Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, and HHC. Inhalation as a method has been shown to be among the fastest rates of absorption of these cannabinoids into our system. As we heat up vapor from a cartridge or the smoke from cannabis flower and draw it into our lungs the cannabinoids are carried directly into our bloodstream. Our lungs are made up with millions of alveoli which are tiny air sacs where normal gas exchange takes place as we absorb oxygen and other cannabinoids from the air and smoke we breathe into our blood and release CO2 and the rest of the smoke or vapor as we exhale. Although inhalation is the fastest method of consumption it is generally the shortest duration of effect which ranges on average of two hours. This is great when you only want to feel the effects for a shorter period of time. We will highlight our most popular inhalation products in the form of our Vapes and Flower. 

Hemp Flower 

Do you enjoy the experience of smoking Marijuna flower but not the “high” that comes from it being so strong in THC content? Well there may be a solution by looking at the opposite side of the cannabis family of hemp, which only has trace amounts of THC of 0.3% or less while yielding much higher amounts of CBD. One great aspect about smoking flower is that you not only get CBD but also a full range of over a hundred plus other cannabinoids. Additionally each cultivar has its own unique terpene profile that may contribute to the overall effect it may offer. Terpenes are what give plants their natural taste and smell while also offering their own potential benefits. 

Many of our customers share they enjoy mixing both hemp and marijuna flower to get a more balanced ratio of CBD to THC to even further promote the entourage effect where they both may have more synergistic effects when working together. Whether you are looking to enjoy solo or share we offer our Strain Snobs hemp flower in either a 1 gram pre-rolls, 1/8th jars, or 1 oz jars. We offer several different strains however the Lifter is by far our best seller. This hybrid strain tests at the highest level of CBD at around 20% and tends to produce a more calming yet uplifting effect.



Vaping Carts

Not everyone wants to use combustion by lighting up flower to inhale as this could result in other plant constituents to be absorbed and the hot smoke itself may be too harsh for some to handle. Alternatively you may prefer to have a more discrete and portable option which makes vaping carts a great choice. Vape carts are simple to use and have a standard size of a 510 thread which will easily fit into most vape batteries. When vaping using a battery with a voltage dial you have much more finite control over how hot you want to vape your CBD. Generally the best way to determine what setting you want is to start low and gradually increase as needed.


Even though hemp flower has just trace amounts of THC, any amount may run the risk of showing up on a drug screen so for anyone that has this concern but wants an inhalation product we often see them going for our Active CBD Oil 550 mg Broad Spectrum Distillate cartridges. Being a broad spectrum, it is made using the full hemp extract except with the THC removed. This product is by far my favorite vaping product we sell because it is much more concentrated per volume and has a great taste to it thanks to the higher levels of the terpene limonene that gives it a more citrus flavor. 


Reaching your hand into a bag you pull out a soft and vibrant colored gummy and put it in your mouth. As you bite down to break it up, a fruity flavor gushes out and your taste buds are thrilled by the sweet taste. Edibles such as gummies, chocolates, and cannabis drinks are all favorites for anyone looking for a convenient and delicious way of getting their preferred cannabinoid into their system. Going the route of digestion offers a slower release over a longer period of time. This is a direct contrast to inhalation which is the fastest in and the fastest out. The process of digestion may take anywhere between an hour or two before noticing any effects although many consumers report that they notice the potential benefits for around 6-10 hours on average. If you are wanting an extended duration to make it through the full 420 day then the products below may be of interest to you. 

D9 Gummies

So far we have mostly explored non-intoxicating CBD products however we do also offer hemp derived THC which does has psychoactive effects. The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp and its derivatives federally legal so long as the hemp plant itself only contains 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC at a dry weight. This is why we are able to carry these products although it will usually take more biomass or amount of hemp used to extract with to yield the same amount of THC content if it were derived from Marijuana instead. To clarify when most people refer to THC they generally mean the compound Delta 9 THC also known as D9. 

Unlike many THC gummies you may find at a medical or recreational dispensary our plant based D9 gummies only contain 5 mg per gummy. This is ideal for any new consumer so they can start with lower doses and gradually increase as needed. THC has been shown to produce a biphasic dose response where at lower doses a consumer may feel more relaxed however when taking too high of a dose past their optimal amount then it may actually cause them to feel anxious or paranoid instead. Several people actually find that they do not need as high of a dose to get the potential therapeutic effects they are looking for as well. When taking a lower dose the high may be less significant which could certainly be a pro for anyone who isn’t looking to get overly high on 420. 

Delta 9 Syrup

If you are on the opposite side where you are looking for a higher dose of D9 THC then perhaps our 160 mg D9 Strain Snobs Gogi OG Sippin Syrup might be worth checking out. In terms of dosing the full 30 ml measuring cup yields around 20 mg of THC. This is much closer to the range of doses you might find in other THC drinks on the market. However one aspect that sets this product apart from the rest is that it utilizes our proprietary water soluble formulation, designed to maximize the bioavailability or percentage of THC actually absorbed into our system. Studies have suggested that this percentage range is around 60-80% or more. In contrast an edible like a gummy has a relatively low bioavailitlity of around 10-20%. Another fantastic feature about water soluble formulations is that they can homogenize or evenly mix with other drinks. My first time testing this product it worked wonderfully to help me sleep and several others have shared the same kinds of results. 



Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate Square

Sometimes you may not want to commit to purchasing an entire bag or bottle of product and that is where our gluten free Active CBD Oil Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate squares come in perfectly. We partnered up with Patsy’s Candies who has been crafting delicious chocolates and other candies since the early 1900’s in Manituou, CO. They use our full spectrum CBD distillate in the mix of their delectable milk chocolate. Unlike many other full spectrum chocolates that tend to have a stronger earthy bitter taste to them, these chocolates have hidden the taste almost entirely. Each chocolate contains 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC which makes it a great for one to two doses on average to try out. They make for excellent gifts to give to anyone loves chocolate and new to trying out CBD.

Coming Down

We hope that this guide was helpful for you to determine what the best products for 420 you might want to enjoy. Whether you are looking for CBD or THC we have you covered here at Discover CBD with our own house brand of products under Active CBD Oil and Strain Snobs, made locally in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. Remember that if you ever feel too high from THC and want to come down that CBD has been shown to be effective to balance out the effects.Stay hydrated and safe this upcoming 420!

If you have any questions or concerns about what product to try out between CBD or THC for 420 we are happy to help if you give us a call at 719-666-7219 or chat with us online at

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