Canadian Health Insurance to cover Medical Cannabis

     Many users of Medical Cannabis in America still struggle to gather funds for their medicine. This forces many people to turn to prescription pills due to their low cost and availability. As we've all heard and some have experienced, those prescriptions can actually lead to some pretty negative side effects. While we try to conquer this issue, other countries have decided to take action.

     In an attempt to reduce the number of opioid-based pharmaceutical users, Canada labor union will allow coverage options for Medical Cannabis. They aim to have their members initially pay out-of-pocket for the Cannabis products and plan to reimburse them.

     Since Medical Cannabis requires a prescription, a human rights board in Canada also determined in a recent ruling that it must be covered by the individual's employee insurance plan. The ruling is a giant stepping stone to Cannabis becoming normalized as a medicine.

     While we still have large amounts of research to do and bills to create, there is a glimmer of hope thanks to our neighbors to the North. We believe it's only a matter of time before Cannabis medical coverage options become available for the masses!

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