CBD For Pets, What Does the Research Say?

At Discover CBD, we love our pets just like they are family; from dogs, cats to everything in between! 

But what can CBD do for our pets? What are the possible benefits of continuous use of CBD for them?  Like the studies of CBD’s effect on humans, there is not a large amount of research about its effects on animals such as dogs and cats, but there are studies currently going on to better understand these effects.

Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, CO, is one of the first veterinary programs to start research on how CBD can affect dogs, especially those with epilepsy. Dr. Stephanie McGrath and her team at CSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences began research on the effects of CBD on dogs starting in 2016 with a Phase 1 trial to determine if CBD was safe for dogs and what the best method of consumption was. During this Phase 1 study, researchers found that CBD is safe for dogs and that the best form of administration is in an oral oil form. 

Phase 2 of CSU’s research study focused on dogs experiencing epilepsy, a seizure disorder, and how CBD can affect their disorder while continuing their usual medication routine. Of 16 participants who participated in the 12 week study, 89% showed a reduction in seizures with the use of CBD oil administered twice a day. These studies have helped open up more research opportunities from CSU, which is currently conducting research on how CBD can affect dogs experiencing osteoarthritis.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals suggests pet parents first speak to a veterinarian about starting CBD, especially if the pet is taking any supplements or medications.  The Anti-Cruelty Society, a well known animal charity out of Chicago dedicated to educating pet parents, suggests finding a CBD company that has high quality THC free products with third party lab testing as well.

Our pet products allow our customers to pass the benefits of CBD onto their pets in a way that is geared towards our furry friends with two flavored tinctures and treats made for both cats and dogs.

Discover CBD carries 4 different specifically pet centered products including our Active CBD Oil Pet Tincture which comes in two different flavors; chicken and bacon. Our Active CBD Oil Pet Tincture in bacon flavor contains 120mg of CBD per bottle and comes with an easy to use dropper which when full holds about a 4mg dose, while our  Active CBD Oil Pet Tincture in chicken flavor contains 300mg of CBD per bottle with a full dropper having a dose of about 10mg.

For an easier administration, we also carry individually dosed CBD treats for both dogs and cats!  Active CBD Oil Dog Biscuits are gluten and soy free and are flavored with two dog favorites, pumpkin and peanut butter. Each container has 40 individual treats at 5mg per treat and are easily breakable for smaller dogs.We can’t forget our feline friends, so we carry Urbal Activ CBD Cat Treats, which have 40 treats per bag at 1mg per treat. This small dose per treat makes it perfect to pick the ideal amount for each individual pet.

Overall, there is promising research to show that using CBD for our pets could show some improvement in their lives, like that of the dogs in CSU’s epilepsy trials. The most important piece to consider before starting a CBD routine with any pet is to consult with a veterinarian and to do research before deciding on a product. 

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