CBD & Opioid Addiction

Doctors prescribe opioids for a multitude of reasons, they're fast-acting and relieve pain. Still, with all the potential risks opioids pose it seems most are trying to keep their distance from using these drugs. Intelligently so, however that pain still lingers. At a certain point you have to make the tough decision of trying them out just to somewhat ease the pain, or look for other options. If you're like the thousands of people who just couldn't bare the pain any longer and caved into the opioid prescription and it went south, you're not alone. Luckily, recent research suggests that CBD can help prevent opioid cravings, and even help ease that pain.

 The reason why opioids are difficult to quit is because opioids create pleasure and euphoria starting at the brain's reward pathways. Just like with alcohol and other drugs your body builds a tolerance to the amount you're putting into it, making your body need more to feel the same effect. At the same time this makes your brain feel as if it's a necessity for your body, causing cravings and withdrawals. With CBD, there hasn't been any reported data about adverse effects, overdosing, or deaths unlike opioids. CBD works naturally with our endocannabinoid systems and don't create any sort of "high" or euphoria. CBD wakes up our cannabinoid receptors which works with our bodies to help in places that it's needed most.

The brain is weird with how we associate certain things with past experiences. For instance, have you ever had a bad food or beverage experience? Then later, when anyone brings up that food or beverage in conversation you immediately get sick to your stomach? Well the same thing happens with addiction, the brain associates a certain word or smell to a certain feeling and when it's brought up in everyday conversation it triggers the brain making them crave the drug. This is also common with PTSD, where a certain sound or smell will trigger them into an episode. These types of cravings are called "cue-induced cravings" and are often the reason for relapse. 

So, how does CBD help with addiction? Researchers have found that CBD can help block these associations through the serotonin system. The serotonin system is usually associated with mood, but it's also associated with addiction. The CBD interacts with the serotonin system to block opioid reward-seeking behavior showing a reduction in adverse side effects.

There are several other therapeutic properties that CBD has that could potentially help prevent opioid drug use such as neurotoxicity, stress, depression, and so much more. Although there hasn't been a lot of research with CBD in the field of addiction, all signs point toward more studies being done to try to find the answers and help bring an end to the opioid epidemic. With over 60,000 deaths in 2016 we desperately need something to help, and CBD may just be the answer. 


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