Why does my Active CBD label look different?

Over the next few months, changes are coming to the Active CBD oil brand. Our packaging and labeling are getting a reboot. All of the Active CBD oil brand products will now have a QR code on every product. QR Codes are scanned into your phone by a QR Scanner and will take you directly to a certain webpage. The QR Codes found on the Active CBD oil products will take you directly to 3rd party lab results. In the upcoming months, these QR codes will not only bring you to the lab result on this product, but will include instructional videos on how to use each product, tutorials on dosing, customer reviews and more!

Active CBD oil lab resultScan me for 3rd party lab results!

Why is this special? While we already spent over $10,000 dollars this year on quality control and 3rd party lab testing. Now, these results will be instantly available to our customers through a simple QR code on every label, on every product. This lets our test results be more individualized for the exact product you are holding in your hands. We strongly believe in transparency and are always looking for ways to help customers find the information they need to make an informed decision when buying CBD. Active CBD oil is the first CBD company to ever provide 3rd party lab results for every product directly on the label. So that you know your getting exactly what you paid for and feel comfortable in knowing that you have received the absolute best CBD oil product EVERY time.


Why hasn’t anyone else done this yet? Besides the cost associated with testing every product, some companies are afraid to post lab results for individual products. They fear that their quality is not up to par and that the product doesn’t actually contain the amount listed on the bottle. Transparency and Quality are key factors to consider when deciding on a CBD brand. Active CBD oil is looking to set the standard in quality, consistency and transparency for the entire CBD industry.

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