CBD & Shingles : A Personal Experience

Well, hello there!

As the title hinted, this short blog will be about my recent bout with a new, yet familiar virus Shingles (You may know it as the same virus that causes Chicken Pox).

Like most of us, this came right out of left field for myself! I was not prepared at all and have little to no knowledge about Shingles other than it can be quite painful.

Upon research, Shingles (Varicella zoster virus, sounds scary doesn't it? ) effects 1 out of  3 people & there is close to 1 million cases of shingles in the states each year.

This sneaky virus can cause a painful rash that shows on either the left or right side of the face and or body. The rash, which is made up of many tiny fluid filled (the fluid didn't start to develop for a few days) blisters, they typically scab over in a week or so. The entire process usually clears up within 2-4 weeks which can seems like an eternity, but it will not last forever.

Before the rash appears, people start having a painful, itching/tingling sensation in the area where the rash/blisters will eventually show its true form. For myself I had a pain right at the bottom of my left rib cage. At first I thought I may have bruised it by bumping into something and it may just be waiting to show itself. Then the next day the pain increased and there was no sign of a cause. I was so very confused.

The next day, the blisters appeared. Tiny at first, just one or two, then it multiplied in numbers and in pain. At first just 1 cluster, then 2, then 3...will it ever end? It eventually slowed down and the blisters remained for a few days.The burning, itching and pain can range from slight discomfort to full blown intolerable. I had done research into what might be causing this and of course, I purchased a few items to aid me in this trying time.



I have been using CBD for a few months and I have read quite a few articles regarding shingle pain and how cbd has the potential to assist. For myself I chose a 1 oz 300 mg Water Soluble Tincture (Vanilla Flavored was my choice, also comes in Cinnamon & Unflavored) as well as a 4 oz Super Strength Salve. One additional piece of information regarding these products, both are completely THC FREE!


As a daily user of CBD I use cbd for a plethora of issues so introducing CBD into my day to day wasn't much of a change for me. The tinctures can be taken under the tongue or added to a beverage (for myself I use coffee or tea). The salve can be applied as needed. Luckily the salve spreads like a dream & a little goes a looooong way. With the potential aid of these products I ventured forth.


The first few days were painful. I couldn't find a comfortable spot to sit, even my shirt touching my skin felt like sandpaper. Taking my tincture in the morning with a cup of tea & applying some salve throughout the day as needed made this unfortunate event much more tolerable. As the days progressed the pain started to decrease, the rash subsided, Day after day I noticed that I was winning this battle. Decreases in salve use after a few days, followed by the sound of relief and joy after just over a week of this painful virus trying to make me just another number.

CBD has the potential to aid so many with a myriad of issues, I am just another story in hopes that it will aid others through this windy road we call life.

If you've read this far, thank you so very much, I hope this short little blog helped in some way for you, whether it's for informational purposes or for someone seeking assistance, If you have any other questions please feel free to use this link and it will take you to DiscoverCBD.com where they have a chat feature and you can speak with a real live person who will be more than happy to help you out as well.


Here are a few helpful links as well ^_^

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