CBN-Infused Bedtime Tea Recipe

Do you struggle with sleep issues? Try this recipe for sleepy-time tea infused with CBN! 

While lots of people use CBD to help them sleep, CBN has been growing in popularity as a sleep aid. Many people experience a sedating effect from CBN which some describe as much stronger than what they experience with CBD. At Discover CBD we sell CBN isolate powder, as well as a water soluble CBN tincture, which we use in this recipe. 

You can use any type of non-caffeinated tea for this, but my favorite is chamomile tea because it is already widely used to relax before going to bed. Combine that with CBN, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful pre-bedtime drink to help you drift off.


tea kettle


First, heat your water to make your tea. Different types of teas require different water temperatures for optimal steeping, and chamomile happens to do best with water heated to 212 degrees fahrenheit.  Unfortunately that presents a challenge for those of us living above sea level because water’s boiling point decreases along with the decrease in atmospheric pressure at high altitudes. In Denver, about a mile above sea level, water actually boils at only 202 degrees, which is a large enough difference to affect the quality of your tea.  Luckily, there is a trick to work around this: the microwave!  In an electric kettle or stove top pot, your water will max out at 202 degrees, but microwaves can actually get the water hotter than this because they are able to heat water without allowing it to boil. This can be very dangerous, however, if you don’t take the proper precautions. Water that is superheated in a microwave past the boiling temperature can suddenly erupt with explosive force when it is removed, showering you in scalding water. But! There is a simple trick to eliminate this danger: Simply place a wooden stirring stick or wooden utensil into the cup of water and keep it in there while it is in the microwave. The wood gives the water a rough surface on which to form bubbles and release kinetic energy, preventing it from exploding into a boil when taken out of the microwave. By using this method, you can easily heat the water above boiling temperature to 212 degrees. I always use a meat thermometer to double check the temperature before steeping my tea. 




Now that you’ve heated the water, steep your tea for about 5 minutes (longer if you want stronger tea, or shorter if that is too strong for you). Once you have removed your tea bag or diffuser from your cup, it’s time to mix in your water soluble CBN tincture. Your dose is entirely up to you, but many people use about 4mg (one full mL of the CBN tincture). Once you’ve dropped your CBN into your tea, stir well until it is evenly distributed in the cup and then you’re ready to drink!  CBN ingested in this way may take up to an hour to kick in, depending on your metabolism, so make sure to plan ahead and make your tea before you actually plan on going to sleep.

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