Dabbing CBD: CBD slab & CBD shatter with terpenes

Cannabis contains over 110 cannabinoids; Delta 9 THC and CBD are generally at the forefront of cannabis research. There are numerous studies indicating that CBD may be effective for treating a variety of conditions. There are several ways to take CBD isolate; while the most popular method is an oil taken under the tongue, vaping CBD concentrates has become a popular alternative to sublingual administration. This is largely due to the quick onset of effects compared to the slower onset of ingested or sublingual CBD. My personal favorite concentrates to vape (or dab) are the Active CBD Oil slab and the Active CBD Oil shatter with terpenes. But what exactly is the difference between these two products? To answer that, we must understand the nature of CBD isolate, as well as what terpenes are. 


CBD isolate is the molecule of cannabidiol isolated from the hemp plant. This means there is no THC, minor cannabinoids or terpenes or flavonoids. Many people choose to use a CBD isolate product if they’re getting drug tested or simply not a fan of any THC. When CBD is isolated from the hemp plant it is a white powder that can be heated and pressed into slab! The slab form is ideal for dabbing/vaping, whereas the powder is most convenient for making tinctures and topicals. Terpenes from the cannabis plant are added back into the slab to make our shatter with terpenes, which provide flavor, and according to some research, added benefit. 



The Active CBD Oil shatter with terpenes has a myrcene dominant terpene blend infused into it. Terpenes have been studied as a potential reason for the benefits of things such as aromatherapy and forest bathing. Furthermore, studies have found that Myrcene in particular has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and may even aid in sleep.  While terpenes bring something to the table in aroma and potential benefits, they also make a vaping experience a lot more flavorful. Due to this, I prefer the shatter with terpenes over slab. The slab, however, is more cost effective, and can give someone a great idea of whether or not dabbing CBD concentrates is a good choice for them. 


There are so many different ways to take CBD and experimentation can go a long way into finding out what works best for you. Dabbing CBD is popular for people who tend to like a very quick onset of effects, rather than edibles or other methods. If you’re curious about vaping or dabbing CBD, it may be worthwhile to try both the Isolate Slab and the Shatter with Terpenes in order to see which one you prefer. The real difference between these two products is the presence of the myrcene-rich terpene blend, so try it out to see if it works well for you!

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