Discover CBD partners with Colorado Springs candy maker Patsy's Candies to create chocolate bar

Most people who have spent time in the Colorado Springs or Manitou Springs area have heard of Patsy’s Candies. The locally owned company has been delighting taste buds for more than 100 years. The company has been famous since 1903 for gourmet popcorn, salt-water taffy, and chocolate creations.

It is that reputation that lead Discover CBD to forge a partnership with the candy makers to develop a CBD chocolate bar. With the popularity of CBD continuing to skyrocket Discover wanted to give consumers a high-quality chocolate product that tastes better than anything on the market and still delivers a measurable dose of CBD.

Active CBD Oil chocolate bars stacked

"We pride ourselves at Discover CBD to only release the absolute highest quality CBD products on the market. That was the whole intent behind creating our house brand, Active CBD oil. Patsy's was a natural choice for us since their values of community and high-quality fall in line perfectly with our mission,” said Melinda Bloch, COO Discover CBD.

“Working with such a reliable team we are excited to be expanding our production into Hemp CBD Products. With the quality of their Hemp extracts and product knowledge we believe that the Active CBD Chocolate bars will be one of the best Hemp chocolate bars on the market and we look forward to seeing the different kind of infused products we will work on together,” said Mike Niswonger, President of Patsy’s Candies.  

The bar is not only made by Patsy’s using Active CBD oil brand CBD isolate; it is packaged entirely at the Patsy’s Candies’ 21st Street factory. Active CBD Oil is the house brand through which Discover CBD releases its products- all of which are made in an ISO-7 clean room in Colorado Springs.

"Chocolate is a convenient way for people to consume CBD oil in a discreet and delicious way. By using the highest quality local chocolate and infusing high amounts of Colorado-grown CBD, we created a chocolate that is truly a Colorado experience,” Bloch said.

Because the bars are made with Active CBD Oil isolate, they contain no THC and are subject to double lab testing before being released to the public. The isolate itself is tested before being given to Patsy’s and the finish product is again tested before it is packaged for sale. All Active CBD Oil products have a QR code on the label that once scanned will take customers to lab results for that batch of product, ensuring that every product has the advertised amount of CBD and nothing else.

Active CBD Oil chocolate bars will be sold in Discover CBD stores nationwide including 5 Colorado locations:

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