CBD oil Vending Machine by Discover CBD

Welcome to the future! Discover CBD is now offering CBD oil Vending machines for free when you fill it with our products!

Discover CBD is offering these vending machines with your custom logo and shipped to you for free, you just pay for the product to fill the machine.

cbd oil vending machine

The vending machine we are offering holds roughly $20,000.00 worth of the best retail CBD products at a time.

Our CBD Vending Machine

We have state of the art machines that utilize 21" touchscreens and are embedded with a brand and quality assurance video as well as videos of how to use each product.  Every vending machine is pre-programmed and ready to sell, all you need to do is open it up and fill it with the product once it arrives. Our vending machines use state of the art elevator technology meaning nothing drops from the machine, everything is dispensed gently and lowered gently to the secured box in the bottom of the machine where the customer can then grab their product.

This solution will also get you past the issues of payment processing as we have a domestic US based bank that will process all the credit card payments for you making this a true one stop shop to get involved in the booming CBD oil industry.

Add a CBD Vending Machine to Your Business

This is the perfect fit for massage parlors, salons, corner stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, dispensaries, fitness centers, college dorms and campus locations or any other high traffic area.

We have 2 different "Zero Lease" options starting at $13,500 where you never have to pay a lease for the machine and it comes with the product.

On the other end you can purchase the machine and get over $30k worth of initial inventory and own this state of the art machine for only $30k. With this solution you own the machine with no contracts and you get CBD oil products with a value of over $30k... meaning once you sell the initial inventory you have a free machine and a net profit right off the bat with no obligation to reorder from us or pay us for anything EVER!!

Don't wait - we have a limited inventory at this time and they are going fast. (Once these units are gone there will be a 70 day wait per machine for your CBD oil business in a box.)

cbd oil vending machine


We do have a few machines all around the United States. Check out where our First Discover CBD Vending Machine went! 

Contact us to today and get your order in for one of these new amazing machines at vending@discovercbd.com or fill out the form HERE and we will get back to you within 24hrs Mon-fri.

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