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Thank you for your interest in Discover CBD and Active CBD Oil's wholesale programs!

This blog will introduce you to Discover CBD and Active CBD Oil as a company and the myriad of services and goods we are able to provide to businesses and consumers alike.


Discover CBD is based in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 2015 we continue to enrich our community with affordable, convenient, and reliable CBD products. Discover CBD truly cares about our customers and clients. We strive to provide the best product with the finest ingredients. We are passionate about the products we make and the lives of the people who join us on the journey. Our mission is to help EVERYONE discover the many benefits of CBD/cannabidiol for themselves, wherever they may live, in an affordable, safe, and discreet manner. 

As of 2019, with multiple in-state locations, locations in Texas and Illinois, products in more than 200 stores, and availability in 10 countries, Discover CBD is consistently finding new ways to evolve.

Active CBD Oil is our locally & naturally made in house line. The hemp used for our Active CBD Oil products is grown in southern Colorado, extracted in Denver, and manufactured in our CDPHE certified, commercial-grade kitchen and ISO-6 pharmaceutical cleanroom here in Colorado Springs.

We offer one of the largest selections of CBD products online & in stores, including Water-Soluble Formulations, THC-Free products, Tinctures, Topicals, Capsules, Raw Oils, Concentrates, Gummies, E-juice, and much more.

Every Active CBD Oil product will have a QR code & batch number printed onto the label. Customers can use their smartphone (iOS/Android) to scan the QR code directly from the products label and be taken to the 3rd party lab reports. 

Sometimes products can be a bit confusing for consumers and business owners alike, with that in mind we will be introducing a series of short videos with more information about Active CBD Oil products and tutorials that will be easily accessible to you and your customers.

With the coming of the new year, we know how important marketing your business can be and we are here to help you along the way. As a business partner, you will get complimentary marketing materials and advertisements to help your company grow.





We offer multiple types of programs designed to fit any business needs you and your company may have. No matter the type of program, our personal Account Managers are here to assist you along the way. 

Let's very briefly discuss our flagship Wholesale programs. Our Wholesale account will give you access to bulk products for independent retailers to sell directly to the public at a reduced cost. We offer a low MOQ of only $250.00 and no minimum unit quantity! With a convenient ordering system, you will be set-up for success!

Our programs also include a robust Dropship account. With a single one-time $250.00 set-up fee, our Dropship program is streamlined for your success! Our Dropship account allows you to send Active CBD Oil products directly to any customer’s address around the world from your personal website. Your customers can place an order from your personal website, you send their order details over to your account manager, and we take it from there. Your customer's order is then carefully packaged and shipped. No inventory for you to track, no boxes or tape needed. We take care of it all!

We accept all forms of payment including Credit/Debits cards and Cryptocurrencies. Orders can be processed within 48 hours, and expected arrival is within two weeks or less!

To view our current pricing catalog click HERE!

Are you thinking about creating your own brand of products? We offer Private label services as well as White-labeled products with minimal to no restrictions. We also offer graphic design and packaging design for all CBD products. We work with companies frequently on custom formulations, raw materials, and compared to most companies, our minimum on custom orders is very low. When it comes to bulk raw ingredients, we will try and beat any better price you find! 

Ordering products from Discover CBD couldn't be easier with the use of our Wholesale Portal. You will receive a personalized login that will allow you to place your wholesale orders online at your convenience! Maybe that glass of water at 2 am or that fresh morning coffee reminded you that you needed to order more water-soluble tinctures or CBD Coffee for your store. With our Wholesale portal, you will be able to create orders and pay for your items anytime day or night! 

Let's not forget about the inclusion of your Account Manager. Every account will have access to a personal Account Manager who is here to help you out along the way. Whether you have questions about your account, CBD in general, differences in products, or other cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN, we are always available to assist.


At Discover CBD we are here to aid in your success every step of the way. Are you eager and ready to get things started? Give us a Call Today at (719) 355-9735  or send an email to We look forward to your success!





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