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Which CBD product works best?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions at our stores, and there is no simple answer. Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system, meaning that everyone may have slightly different reactions to products even if they use it the same way as someone else. On top of this, other variables like your metabolism speed, your liver enzyme abundance, and even what you’ve eaten on any given day can also influence your reactions to certain products.  Because of all these variables, there is no single product that can be said to work “best” for everyone. There certainly are products that are generally more popular and effective for most people, but even in those categories there can be significant variation. Tinctures, for example, are the most popular type of product that we sell, but that does not necessarily mean that they always work better than other products. Capsules are extremely popular as well. For some people these work better than tinctures, and for some, the opposite is true. 

Knowing this, the best course of action is to try new types of products! Many people start taking one type of CBD product, and stick with it because they are comfortable and familiar with it. This is not inherently a bad thing, but without trying new products you can never know for sure if your current method is the best possible one for you.  We’ve had many customers try a new product on a whim, and realize that they like it better than what they had been taking previously. On the other hand, some people try something new, only to have it confirm that they do in fact prefer their original product.  Either way, that knowledge is important! 

The downside of this is that trying a new product may be a gamble, especially if the new product carries a lofty price tag. Luckily, though, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new product to try it!  Discover CBD gives out free samples every Thursday. So, if there is a product that you are interested in, but don’t want to gamble on, you may be able to try it for free first.  Come on down to a Discover CBD location on a Thursday and ask for a free sample.  Note, if you are looking for a specific product to sample, it is best to call ahead and see what samples your location has available that week, as we usually offer samples of one particular product at a time. 

You may also find that different products aren’t necessarily better for you, but may just be better for particular situations. For example, I get great results using our Full Spectrum tincture daily for my back pain, but on days when I’m especially stressed I get much more mental relief from edibles, like the Active CBD Oil chocolate or the Broad Spectrum capsules. I only found this out by trying different products, and now I know which product to take based on how I’m feeling each day. Try new products!  You never know what you’ll discover, at a Discover CBD location. 

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