Does CBD Oil Expire?

Stocking up on your CBD products can be a great idea, especially when you get a good deal on buying in bulk. However, when you have your CBD products sitting on your shelf for some time, you might start to wonder: does CBD oil expire? Does hemp oil go bad? How long do I have?

If you’ve panicked and had these questions before, you’re not alone. Most consumers should be aware of the quality of their CBD oil, including whether or not it’s still good. But, how can you tell, and what kind of shelf life does CBD have in the first place? Don't worry: in this part, we answer all the questions you need answers regarding CBD oil shelf life and expiration dates.

The Ins and Outs of CBD Oil

To give you a better understanding of whether or not CBD oil expires, it’s important to explain what pure CBD oil is. 

In general, there are various CBD products on the market for consumers to choose from. These products all contain cannabidiol (CBD), which is the primary non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. To make CBD oil, manufacturers will extract the CBD cannabinoid from the plant material, leaving behind an oily, cannabinoid-rich substance. From there, extractors will either further purify the oil to rid it of other compounds or leave it as is. 

Finally, a carrier oil like MCT oil is added to help the digestion process in the body. In the end, you’re left with a CBD-filled oil that is safe for consumption and contains purely natural ingredients. 

You’ll come across CBD oils in many different types, strengths, and even flavors depending on where you’re buying from and what kind of product you’re looking for. Nowadays, you may also come across water-soluble CBD oil, which doesn’t rely on the fat-solubility of a carrier oil to break it down as much. This kind of oil will provide a quicker, more potent absorption process for consumers. No matter what, though, these CBD oils have a base substance of some sort of carrier oil to make the product as successful as possible.   

Knowing of all this, it’s important to keep in mind that CBD is still a natural substance. And, like all natural substances we know of, they cannot — and will not — last forever. So, does CBD expire and how long do you have before it does? 

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Does CBD Oil Expire?

The cat’s out of the bag: CBD oil does expire. As much as we’d all love for CBD oil to be exempt from the expiration process, this simply isn’t the case. After all, CBD is still an organic substance, and organic substances break down over time. Even with the help of added carrier oils and other ingredients, your CBD oil will not stay consumable forever. 

As time goes on and your CBD oil products is exposed to outside, environmental elements, the substance is going to change. Simply just through aging, cannabinoids like THC degrade into less potent cannabinoids like CBN (cannabinol), changing the entire profile of the compound. Even if your product only contains a small amount of THC, this can still affect the overall experience. 

Along with cannabinoids aging, changing, and becoming less potent, the terpenes within your CBD product will also go bad over time. Terpene degradation is incredibly common and can happen due to various reasons. When this occurs, the terpenes will no longer have the potency they once did, and they’ll likely stop smelling and tasting as appealing as they did when you bought the product. Trust us, you don’t want to taste expired CBD oil, either! These are smells and flavors that you definitely want to avoid at all costs. 

So, does CBD vape oil expire, then? Unfortunately, yes it does. While it may take a long time for your oil to go bad, there is always the potential for it to occur — especially when you don’t store CBD oil correctly. Adequate CBD storage is the best way to preserve your CBD oil’s shelf life. (But, don’t worry: we’ll talk about that later.) 

Do THC Pills Expire?

CBD oil has an oil-based composition that can often make people wonder, “Does hemp seed oil expire?” And, as we’ve established, it definitely does. But, with products like THC pills, you may be curious about how well they hold up over time given their unique composition. 

Unfortunately, yes, THC pills also expire, just like any other cannabinoid product. THC and CBD capsules will likely take a lot longer to expire than CBD oil because of the structure, but they still do have a limit on how long they stay good. 

You may not even realize it, but even the pills in your medication cabinet can expire over time. When these medications expire, you likely won’t notice any difference — other than the fact that they don’t work. That’s right: you simply lose the potency just like you would with a THC pill. As we explained above, over time, THC turns into a cannabinoid called CBN, and CBN doesn’t have properties like THC. Thus, you’ll pop an expired THC pill and notice… nothing. There may be a very faint feeling of bliss or comfort, but it won’t be like you’re used to with fresh THC pills. 

When Does CBD E-Liquid Expire?

By now, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that all CBD products — and THC products — expire at some point. So, when does CBD e-liquid expire, and how long do you have before you can no longer smoke it?

Regarding CBD e-liquid, you can likely hold onto your product for about one to two years before it goes bad. Again, this is going to depend significantly on your storage procedures and precautions, but you may be able to have your favorite CBD e-liquid for about a year. However, we’re not sure we’d recommend keeping your product that long, simply because you’re still putting yourself at risk for consuming an expired product. 

CBD Oil Shelf Life

Now that we’ve answered the questions, “Does CBD oil expire?” and “Does CBD vape oil expire?” Let’s talk about your CBD oil shelf life and how long you have until your products are no longer good. 

If you follow all of the proper storage techniques that we’ll talk about below, there’s a good chance you can keep your CBD oil good for anywhere between 12 - 24 months. That’s right: if you’re careful, your CBD oil may stay on your shelf for a good two years before you notice any signs of problems. 

At the end of the day, CBD oil is quite a natural substance that does not contain artificial ingredients that can ruin the composition easily. Instead, CBD simply reacts to certain environmental conditions and aging — things that are completely unavoidable. So, while your CBD is able to stay fresh for quite a long time, it cannot escape the reality of expiration. 

Your tincture shelf life will be about the same as the shelf life of your other hemp products — minus edibles. Hemp oil shelf life is much longer than an edible’s shelf life because the edibles contain perishable food ingredients that simply cannot last that long. If your edibles have any dairy products, they won’t be good for more than a few weeks. 

How to Tell If Hemp Oil is Rancid

Even though it may not happen to you often, consuming an expired CBD oil is one of the worst tastes you can put yourself through. Not only is the CBD not going to work properly, but it’s likely going to taste like you’ve eaten something spoiled — which you have. If you want to know whether or not your hemp oil is bad before consuming it, here are three things to look out for. 


Before ever consuming your stored CBD oil, make sure to smell it. Does MCT CBD oil expire, though? You bet it does, and you’ll likely be able to tell by the smell whether or not the oil is still good. As we mentioned above, this is because of the degraded terpenes content. If your CBD oil is full or broad-spectrum and contains a good amount of terpenes, they’ll likely begin to smell much more musty, and even on the spoiled side. 

When you take a good whiff of your product, try comparing it to one that you know is still good. If the smells are much more subdued or have changed drastically, that’s your biggest sign to throw the product out. If you’re asking, “Does CBD oil expire?” Smell your product to find out.  


Over time, the consistency of your CBD oil may begin to change as it expires. A good CBD oil is smooth, easy to pour, and doesn’t contain any weird bumps, chunks, or splotches. Pick up your CBD oil and move it up and down to see how the consistency is. If you notice that the oil is thicker than you remember, this is a clear sign that it has expired. You don’t want your oil to coagulate or get thick, as it may be caused by bacteria.  


Finally, you’ll likely be able to tell whether or not your CBD has expired by its overall appearance. Take your product and hold it up to the light. Does its color look different before? Is there anything floating or growing within the bottle that you can see? Does the product look cloudy or muddy?

If you find that anything looks a bit off with your CBD oil, err to the side of caution and avoid consuming it. Cloudy, darkened CBD oil is another tell-tale sign that your hemp oil has expired and you can no longer enjoy it. 

In general, take the time to study your CBD oil from all angles. Judging the smell, texture, color, and even consistency of your hemp product are all wonderful ways of ensuring that you’re consuming a fresh, healthy CBD oil that your body will benefit from.

CBD Oil Storage: Extending Your Hemp Oil Shelf Life

Does MCT CBD oil expire? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your product fresh for some time. As we discussed, your CBD oil can have a shelf life of close to two years if you're careful, but you have to follow proper storage and handling. So, can you extend your hemp oil shelf life? Let’s explain. 

Stay Away From Extreme Temperatures

One of your hemp oil’s biggest enemies is extreme temperatures — specifically, high heat. High temperatures can drastically affect the composition of your CBD oil, degrading terpenes and transforming cannabinoids into less potent versions of themselves. If you live somewhere with a generally hot climate, you must be careful to store CBD oils ​somewhere cool. Typically, experts recommend storing your products around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, as this keeps the terpenes and cannabinoids preserved well.

Freezing your CBD oil isn’t going to do as much damage as exposing it to hot temperatures, but it still can affect potency and efficacy overall. Thus, you want to make sure you’re storing CBD oil in a place where you have moderate temperatures: not too hot and not too cold. This is the best way to ensure your products stay effective over time.  

Darkness is Your Friend!

Ever wondered why your CBD oils come in such dark, opaque bottles? That’s because cannabinoids don’t react well to harsh lighting. In general, it’s best to keep your CBD products away from direct lighting, as it can impact potency and smell if exposed for too long. These types of products do best when they’re kept in the dark. 

Most professionals suggest keeping cool, dark places in mind when storing your CBD products. Cool, dark places will provide a nice neutral environment for your CBD products to live until you’re ready to consume them. However, you don’t want to put them somewhere like a fridge, as the temperatures can get too cold and the intense lighting changes when opened may have adverse effects on your hemp seed oil. Instead, a cool, dark cabinet in your bedroom or closet may be ideal. 

Avoid Excess Moisture At All Costs

You may think that storing your full spectrum CBD oil somewhere like a basement would be a good idea, but this is only the case if you live in a dry climate. Any area that has excess moisture or is exposed to moisture changes is bad news for CBD products.

When you expose your CBD oil to too much moisture — and the container isn’t airtight — you’re risking bacteria growth. This is exactly how harmful bacteria and mold grow within your CBD products, and consuming this can be seriously dangerous to your health. Thus, along with places that are cool and dark, you always want to find storage spaces that are dry throughout the year. 

Storing your CBD oil in a cool, dark, and dry place is the best way to ensure that your favorite products stay good all year long — if you need them to. Clear out a space in your bedroom closet, under your bed, or maybe even in a back cabinet of your kitchen. Regardless of where it is, as long as the environmental conditions are stable and moderate, you should be just fine extending your CBD oil’s shelf life. 

So, Does Hemp Oil Go Bad?

Does CBD vape oil expire? When does CBD e-liquid expire? Does hemp oil go bad? Yes, yes, and yes. At the end of the day, like any natural substance, your hemp oil and CBD products will expire eventually. However, with a bit of extra effort during storage — and keeping a close eye on your home’s environment — you shouldn't have to worry too much about this. Most consumers will go the majority of their lives without ever dealing with an expired CBD product. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be diligent about checking your product’s quality. 

Here at DiscoverCBD, we want our customers to have the best understanding of CBD products possible — from expiration to extraction and everything in between. No matter what kind of hemp or CBD-related questions you have, our team is here to give you all the information you need. 

Preserving Your CBD Oil’s Shelf Life With DiscoverCBD

Preserving your CBD oil’s shelf life has never been easier than with DiscoverCBD. With our expert techniques and years of experience, we know a thing or two about keeping our CBD fresh. 

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