Get Active, Be Healthy. Part 1:  CBD and Exercise

Strenuous exercise and lifting weights can cause muscle fibers to break from the strain. The healing process of these micro tears is what causes our muscles to gain size and strength. Micro tears can cause inflammation leading to pain and longer recovery time. Too much inflammation may lead to excessive muscle damage and poor workout results. Several studies suggest that CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation and taking CBD may help reduce the swelling caused by these micro tears. Which may help you heal faster so you can get back in the gym for your next session. According to a Sports Medicine Open study on CBD and workout related inflammation, CBD has been reported to reduce immune cell accumulation, stimulate production of anti inflammatory cytokines, and inhibit production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are a large group of proteins, peptides or glycoproteins that are secreted by specific cells of the immune system. Cytokines are a category of signaling molecules that mediate and regulate immunity and inflammation.
Until 2018, the US Anti-Doping agency (USADA)  and the World Anti Doping Agency  (WADA) did not allow the use of CBD among Pro Athletes. Both have changed their list of banned substances to make an exception for CBD. According to the Washington post, Floyd Landis, best known for his 2006 win at the Tour De France, is making headlines in the cannabis industry. Landis became interested in cannabis after forming an addiction to opioids following a hip surgery. Landis says “It was effective in allowing me to wean off the opioids. Now I use CBD daily as a pain reliever.” Landis’ story is a prime example of how incredible the relationship between CBD and fitness can be. 
There is a wide variety of ways to integrate CBD and exercise, such as taking CBD orally by ingesting a capsule or holding a tincture under the tongue. This will allow the CBD to enter the bloodstream, potentially providing more widespread relief to muscles and joints. Many people are also sharing that CBD may help get to a flow state and become fully immersed in their exercise of choice. You can also use CBD topically by applying a lotion, roll on or salve directly to your muscles. I personally like to use our Active CBD oil lotion that contains menthol, providing a cooling sensation on the skin and muscles which does  great for me after a hard workout session. Some people who have shared their  routine of CBD and fitness have said that they may also apply a topical product beforehand to potentially mitigate pain they might experience during their activity. 

Sometimes stress, anxiety and sore muscles can make it harder for us to get a good night's sleep. CBD can potentially help to reduce the stress and anxiety by promoting homeostasis in our bodies, helping us fall asleep and stay asleep. Aside from aiding in muscle recovery and growth, good sleep helps to improve hormonal balance, and increases overall immunity.
Don’t let tired, sore muscles stop you from reaching your fitness goals, try incorporating CBD into your workout routine! 
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