What are CBD Transdermal Patches?

What are CBD Transdermal Patches?  

The word transdermal originates from the Latin root word “trans” meaning across and the Greek root word “derm” meaning skin, therefore transdermal CBD patches are specifically designed to allow the CBD to pass across the skin and enter into the bloodstream. This allows for a higher bioavailability, or the percentage of CBD actually absorbed into our system compared to ingestion methods that need to be metabolized first. Some studies suggest transdermal patches may absorb a range of 80-90% or more of the CBD into our system. Below is a chart to represent the bioavailability of other methods of consumption: 

Transdermal patches are designed to have a slow release of CBD over a longer period of time, potentially up to 48 hours depending on the patch and individual. Since they tend to last much longer, transdermal patches are popular for people with more chronic conditions that do not want to take several doses throughout the day. 

Where should you apply a patch?

Most patches are suggested to work best on venous parts of your body where blood vessels and capillaries are close to the surface, underneath a thin layer of skin. Your wrists, near the ankles, feet, upper arms, shoulders and the back of your neck are ideal locations. Some people also prefer to apply them directly to an afflicted area of pain.

How do you use a transdermal CBD patch?

1. Wash the skin where you will apply the patch. Be sure skin is completely dry before applying the patch.







2. Tear pouch seal along the dotted line to unseal the pouch.







 3. Open and Reseal: Pull apart the zipper seal. Remove one patch and reseal the pouch. Some may decide to cut the patch into smaller pieces to decrease the dose.







 4. Remove Clear liner: To remove the liner, fold one corner of the patch over. Gently rub the folded corner between your finger and thumb to separate the patch and liner. Remove the entire liner before applying the patch.


5. Apply one patch to the affected area. Firmly press the patch in place, focusing on all four edge


6. Leave the patch on up to the intended duration the product indicates. As an example,  our Active Performance patches have a potential duration of up to 48 hours of wear time. 


7. When removing your patch, it is best to use hot water and soap to remove any remaining adhesive. 



Coming from a personal experience using a transdermal CBD patch, I found it to be incredibly effective in my recovery from a shoulder muscle strain caused by a weight lifting injury. I used the Active CBD Performance Patches, with 4% Lidocaine which come in packs of (4) 60 mg CBD patches about 2”x 2” in size. Taking a full 60 mg dose is much too high for myself so I decided to cut the patch into 1/4ths which would make each square about 15 mg CBD each. I then took two of these and put them on separate parts of my shoulder and within minutes I noticed a difference and the pain subsided significantly for me over the course of the next 48 hours. I had often heard from customers sharing that they even stay on after showering and putting this to the test myself I was amazed to see that they stayed on without any issues. After some recovery time and using CBD, I am now able to Get Active and Get Healthy by hitting the gym again! 

Another member of our team, Star wrote her a review of her experience using the same Active CBD Performance Patches and you can check out her story at this link

You can also read many other customer testimonials at the product link below: 



A group of researchers from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky, sought to discover the efficiency of transdermal application of CBD for pain management in their study “Cannabidiol bioavailability after nasal and transdermal application: effect of permeation enhancers” 

The data collected indicated that “the steady-state plasma concentration of CBD in guinea pigs after transdermal gel application was 6.3 ± 2.1 ng/mL, which was attained at 15.5 ± 11.7 hours. The achievement of a significant steady-state plasma concentration indicates that CBD is useful for chronic pain treatment through this route of administration.” Although this study and a few others are making promising discoveries, more research is still needed to fully understand the potential benefits of using a transdermal application of CBD.

Looking to learn more what the research has to say about transdermal application? If so then check out the links below:



There is whole realm to explore when learning about CBD and if you have any questions our team is always happy to help if you visit any of our retail stores, chat with us at https://discovercbd.com, or give us a call toll-free at 1-844-GO-CBD-NOW (462-2366)



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